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TechBrain specialises in medical IT solutions

Health practices and medical centres face a unique set of IT challenges. Providing the best possible care for your patients often involves dealing with the very latest technology – technology you and your staff may be unfamiliar with. Data security standards and legal requirements are stringent.

Over and above all this though, medical professionals depend on their IT environment not just to improve their efficiency in dealing with patients, but to save lives. This makes the complete reliability of your medical IT absolutely crucial. At the same time, you need to work with a service provider who is:

  • Proactive
  • Cost-effective, and
  • Has a deep understanding of your practice’s unique needs
That’s where TechBrain comes in! Whether you’re in the primary care sector or need highly specialised medical IT solutions, we’ll ensure your technology operates at peak performance, all day, every day. We have a number of large well known medical sector clients who partner with TechBrain because of the exceptional service and intelligent solutions we offer. Here is what some of them say about us:
“The TechBrain team consistently works hard to find the most efficient, cost-effective solutions for our IT requirements. We are more than happy with the service – it is prompt, reliable and very user friendly. Fantastic staff, can’t fault them :).”
“Thanks for calling me regarding this. It could have eventuated in a disaster if you hadn’t picked it up. Not only that, but I feel like the 5 minutes we spent on the phone resolved a number of other issues that I have been struggling with for weeks. You are worth your weight in gold.”
“I am enjoying working so closely alongside with such amazing people, so willing to ensure all is covered. It has been excellent. Excellent service especially when we are at our remote sites with significant time pressures. 10/10”

Security auditing, compliance and fail-proof data recovery solutions

If you’re in the medical or healthcare industry, data integrity is crucial. When handling sensitive medical files, secure medical IT support is needed. Not just to protect your patients and clients, but also the integrity of your business and the healthcare professionals your company supervises. An advanced, secure and reliable managed IT service provider protects both the consumer and the healthcare brand. TechBrain works with medical clients to provide medical IT support which ensures they have a fast, efficient and safe IT service. As dedicated IT specialists, our clients know they can rely on our IT systems to remain secure and to be fully operational when they need it the most. We supply our clients with a variety of support options to ensure that you are getting the most of the medical IT solutions that are offered. We keep your practice running smoothly, whatever it takes!

Quality IT support for medical practices

TechBrain can provide medical IT solutions to support your IT network, software, and hardware equipment. Our experienced team of IT professionals will work towards monitoring your network so that you can count on confidentiality, efficiency, and reliability from your computer network. You can be sure that your place of business runs seamlessly, with cost-effective ways to help you and your staff provide great service. We have the experience to provide your company with the right support so that you can focus on delivering quality care to your patients on a daily basis.

TechBrain dedicated healthcare IT support includes:

  • Medical IT support solutions to help with the secure transmission of confidential consumer medical data
  • IT outsourcing with our team of industry experts who can provide secure IT solutions and help reduce existing technology costs
  • On-site and cloud software solutions tailored to your organisation
  • Recommendations and advice on advanced business solutions, which will help your organisation develop and become more efficient
  • Proactive solutions and customised support to help maintain a secure IT environment
  • Stringent security

Practice Management and Radiology Information System (RIS) including:

  • Best Practice
  • Genie
  • Medical Director
  • Dental for Windows
  • Kestral
  • Comrad
  • Health Track
  • Nookal

Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS):

  • IntelePACS
  • Syngo Dynamics
  • Terarecon

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer dental IT services as well as medical IT solutions?
Yes. As well as general medical software and IT support, TechBrain also offers dental IT services, including medical practice management software such as Dental for Windows. Whether you’re in the general medical field or need highly specialised support options, we’ll find the software vendors that are right for your practice.
What makes medical IT support different from other industries?
The world of technology is changing all the time, and the medical industry is no different. Our IT support for medical practices focus on the key challenges healthcare providers face in their day-to-day operations: Client confidentiality: We provide world-class assistance with patient data security IT and software training: Experienced, well-trained staff feel more confident when they assist patients Cost savings: We focus on the most appropriate, most cost-effective medical IT solutions for your organisation Patient experience: our proactive solutions mean you’re always in the best position to offer great service to your patients Direct access to our extensive knowledge Integrated solutions: From your on-site technology to cloud-based applications and even social media, we make sure all your tech ‘talks’ to each other!
How will you keep my practice running in a crisis?
No-one knows better than a healthcare provider that prevention is better than cure! That’s why we offer proactive remote monitoring. This monitoring service helps us identify, manage and address potential IT problems remotely, often before you’re even aware of them. We can also monitor security data, and identify ways your system could be improved. In the event you do need on-site support, you’re guaranteed our industry-leading response times, and some of the most experienced technicians in the business. If need be, we’re able to conduct a full IT audit, creating an action plan to increase the future resilience of your IT ecosystem.
How will my practice benefit from your medical IT service?
TechBrain believes in getting involved with the needs of your staff, management and patients. We assess each IT process individually, as well as finding ways to improve the robustness of your IT infrastructure as a whole. We’ll help your organisation: Better manage costs Improve patient and employee experience Make security, confidentiality, and compliance simple Identify and implement the most suitable practice management software for your unique situation Continuously find ways to improve the reliability and efficiency of your IT systems through the latest technology Enjoy peace of mind. We ensure you’re able to focus on your patients, secure in the knowledge your IT is in safe hands Sound good? Get in touch today for a free consultation!
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