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What is IT network

The goal of our network administration and support services is to take care of your IT operational needs, help you boost your performance, avoid downtime, and fix issues with speed.

It is a truly proactive service that works to eliminate reactive issues and identify technical and software risks. You can count on the IT experts at TechBrain to provide tech support and regularly visit your organisation to ensure your network is in good shape.

IT network administration refers to a truly proactive specialised information technology service which TechBrain provides. We send our IT specialists to visit your business on a regular basis to audit your environment against our best practice checklist and then realign your network to best practice.

The benefit of this approach is that we can address issues before they arise thereby reducing the amount of noise you have with your IT environment.

This unique proactive solution is far more effective at reducing your costs and improving your productivity if we were to simply monitor your system remotely. Our IT experts can set up your local and wide area networks (LAN – local area network and WAN – wide area network).

They can provide assistance with any issue that you’re experiencing with your network software or tech equipment. TechBrain’s trained professionals know how to maintain and support servers, perform regular backups, increase your network security, and quickly address problems with hardware and software.

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Benefits of outsourcing your
IT network administration

We only hire the best IT specialists in Perth to handle your network administration needs. They will be able to quickly determine how to improve the efficiency of your computer network and implement new solutions. Here are some of the benefits you can gain by hiring an IT network admin from TechBrain:

  1. IT experts at your disposal: The network administration and support services that we provide are perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have a budget for their own in-house IT department. By hiring us to take care of your network, you will have an IT expert at your disposal at an affordable price. You simply pay a monthly fee, and you’ll get a designated tech support agent that you can contact whenever you have an issue or need advice.
  2. Cost savings: When you hire an IT network admin, you have access to constant tech support. In other words, someone will keep track of your network and computer systems. This will make you aware of the condition of your IT equipment. The network administrator will notify you if you have to replace your hardware in a timely manner. That means that you won’t have to worry about your equipment breaking down, which may result in hefty repair costs.
  3. Increased network security: Without proper network security, you risk someone stealing your valuable data. Our network administration services ensure that your company is protected from viruses, spam, intrusions, and malware.
  4. Simplify daily operations: The IT experts at TechBrain can integrate your network with web hosting, data housing, and software solutions that will simplify your daily operations. By improving your network infrastructure, it will be easier for your staff to be more productive at work.
  5. No downtime: You can rely on your network administrator to regularly monitor your network and quickly react in the event of a problem. Our IT professionals are skilled in detecting issues early and providing solutions that will prevent them. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about your network going down.
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OUR Solution

TechBrain network support

Regardless of your IT needs, our systems administration specialists are equipped to help you. Here are some of the main services that we provide:

  • Maintenance: We will pay close attention to your IT equipment to make sure your network is running as efficiently as possible. Your network administrator will be tasked with monitoring and maintaining your operating systems, drivers, application software, firmware, and more. You will also get regularly notified about the status of your hardware. In case you’d like to acquire additional hardware without buying it, know that we also offer Hardware as a Service to organisations.
  • Backups: It’s important for every company to back up their data regularly. Otherwise, you may lose valuable information. This can have a devastating effect on your organisation. That’s why our IT experts will perform regular system backups to protect your data and system. In case anything goes wrong, we can help with disaster recovery as well.
  • Security: There are a number of threats that can affect your company. Since hackers often target small and medium-sized businesses, it’s important to invest in cyber security. We hire the best IT consultants in Perth to ensure that your clients are protected from viruses, spyware, and malware.

You can hire an IT network admin at an affordable monthly fee today. Contact us to learn more about our network administration services.


Why do I need an external IT network system admin?

An external IT network system administrator can help ensure that your network is properly configured, secure, and running smoothly. They can also provide expert assistance with troubleshooting any issues that may arise, and can help you implement best practices for maintaining and securing your network. Additionally, having an external IT network system administrator can free up time and resources for your internal team to focus on other important tasks.

What does an IT network admin do?

An IT network administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of an organization’s computer network. This can include tasks such as configuring and managing network equipment, such as routers, switches, and firewalls, as well as monitoring network performance and security. They may also be responsible for managing network users and permissions, implementing backup and disaster recovery procedures, and providing technical support to users. In short, the main job of an IT network administrator is to ensure that an organization’s network is running smoothly and securely at all times.

Are network support services cost effective?

Whether or not network support services are cost effective will depend on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of your network, the level of support you need, and the specific services being offered. In general, however, network support services can be a cost-effective way to ensure that your network is properly maintained and secure. This can help prevent costly downtime and other issues, and can also help you maximize the efficiency and performance of your network. It may also be more cost-effective to outsource network support services rather than hire a full-time IT staff member to manage your network.

What is the difference between a network support technician and a server technician?

A network support technician is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting an organization’s computer network, while a server technician is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the servers that are used to store, process, and manage data within an organization. In general, network support technicians focus on the hardware and software components that make up a network, such as routers, switches, and firewalls, while server technicians focus on the hardware and software components of servers, such as CPU, RAM, and storage. While the two roles may overlap in some areas, they generally have different areas of focus and expertise.