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What is a vCIO?

Running a small or medium-sized business can be quite challenging. Sooner or later, you’re bound to find yourself in difficult situations. For example, you might want to improve your IT infrastructure despite not having an IT expert within your organisation.

In case you need an IT consultant that will help your business reach its full potential at an affordable price, you can always hire a virtual CIO. Our vCIO services help SME’s keep up to speed with the tech industry and provide them with various benefits.

A vCIO is a third-party (e.g. a consultant or business) that offers a part-time person as a service to fulfill the role as a conventional CIO, also commonly known as a Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) or Information Technology (IT) Director.

What does a vCIO do?

The CIO serves as the most senior tech executive within a business. He is responsible for any strategic planning related to tech and is tasked with a number of important assignments. Small and medium-sized businesses rarely have a CIO because they can’t afford to hire one. However, what small business owners can do is hire a virtual CIO to provide expert insight when it comes to their company’s IT plan.

Exactly what a vCIO will do at your firm depends on your needs. Some of the services our experts in Australia provide include:

  1. Developing IT strategies: You tell us your business objectives and goals and we will develop an IT strategy that will help you achieve them.
  2. Analysing IT infrastructure: We will analyse your IT environment to determine whether any changes should be made. Our IT experts in Perth can help you implement necessary changes.
  3. Providing IT security services: If you hire a TechBrain vCIO, you can rest assured that your company will be safe from data breaches, and any other type of cyber attacks. On top of that, we provide disaster recovery services.
  4. Developing a technology roadmap: When you hire a virtual chief information officer through us, you can count on him to really get familiar with your company and understand what your main goals are. This will help the vCIO develop an IT roadmap that gets reviewed each quarter and allows you to see which changes you can make to your tech infrastructure to reach your business goals.
  5. Managing your technology budget: It can be challenging to find the right equipment for your business at an affordable price. By using our virtual CIO services, you will get an excellent plan on the type of equipment you should purchase based on your budget.

As soon as your business first starts expanding, you will have more technology needs than ever before. That’s why you should have a vCIO handling every IT issue in front of you.

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Benefits of vCIO Services

Our vCIO consulting in Australia is like having an entire IT department within your organisation. You’ve already learned about some of the things a TechBrain vCIO can do. Now, you’re about to find out the main benefits of using our virtual CIO services.

  • You will save money by not hiring a full-time CIO.
  • You will improve productivity within your business because you will have an improved IT infrastructure.
  • You will have quick access to services like disaster recovery.
  • Increased network security and reduced likelihood of data breaches.
  • Creative IT solutions that will help you reach your business goals.
  • Consistent reporting and recommendation for future improvements to your tech environment.
  • Increased awareness and ability to take advantage of the latest technology trends.
  • You can rely on your vCIO to come up with ways to realize your plans in the most cost-effective way.
  • Your virtual CIO will create an IT roadmap for your organisation that is tied to your annual tech budget and your company goals.
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Reasons to choose our
vCIO services

TechBrain offers virtual CIO managed services that will have an incredibly positive effect on your business. Our IT experts are always on top of everything tech related. If there is some type of new technology that can help your business grow or boost your company’s overall productivity, our experts will know about it. Let us come in with our knowledge to help you develop a business strategy that will provide you with a competitive advantage and make your company successful.

Over the last few years, the number of cyber-attacks on small businesses has drastically increased. Without someone to improve your network security, you may experience a data breach. If you hire a virtual CIO, the likelihood of any sensitive information getting stolen from you will be reduced greatly. A vCIO is tasked with data protection, overseeing risk assessments, and putting in place security practices that reduce the possibility of an attack.

When we say that we offer vCIO services, we mean that we can provide the knowledge and expertise of more than one person. While the conventional CIO is one person, a vCIO can be a whole team of IT experts that you can get in touch with at all hours. We will provide you with the type of support you request.


How are vCIO services different from other managed services?

Our virtual CIO services can handle some of the same tasks as IT managers. These include server and network support services, maintenance of your IT infrastructure, and other tech operations. However, you can’t expect an IT manager to do the same tasks as a vCIO. What a virtual CIO can do is create a technology roadmap for your company and develop a strategic plan that is aligned with your objectives and will help you reach your business goals.

How could technical misalignments affect my business and what do you recommend?

Technical misalignment reduces functionality, productivity, and efficiency. At the same time, it increases frustration since it can lead to additional IT issues that take longer to resolve. Some of the things we recommend to deal with technical misalignments and that our vCIO services can help you with include:

  • A project to implement new technology
  • A simple configuration change
  • A complex configuration change
  • A change in how a client utilises technology
  • A purchase of warranty or service contracts

These recommendations require more than technology knowledge. They require a “C” level technical expert who understands the business impact of technology decisions. Our vCIO will translate the technical conversation into a business conversation. The vCIO is also responsible for developing the long-term technology strategy, then presenting it in clear business terms.

Are vCIO services affordable?

Yes, vCIO services are affordable. The reason we offer them is because we believe that even small businesses should have access to supreme IT expertise. You may not have the budget to hire specialized IT staff to work at your company full-time, but our affordable virtual CIO consulting services will provide you with a powerful addition to your small organisation.

Why does a small business need a vCIO?

While you’re still a small or medium-sized business, you don’t need a full-time CIO. Nevertheless, you do need someone with executive level experience to provide good advice when you need it. Our vCIO consulting can help you make all the right moves when it comes to utilising your IT environment. You can use our services in Perth to manage your tech budget, keep your networks secure, and create a strategic tech plan.

How do you create a technology summary?

Each technology summary that gets created by a virtual CIO you hire through us will follow certain guidelines. First of all, you can expect us to consider your business priorities before starting to develop the summary. We then analyse the business impact of both your current and proposed environment. We make recommendations based on our expertise and your budget, as well as create a summary of lower priority items.