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Businesses now more than ever need to have a strong security monitoring and threat detecting system in place because of the increased sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks as well as the complexity of IT infrastructures.

Solutions for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) have surfaced to support that function as a means of efficiently tracking down, identifying, and handling security occurrences.

By examining log data from several network sources, SIEM systems provide real-time insight into security risks, enabling prompt identification and response to reduce the impact of breaches.

But internal SIEM system implementation and management may be a difficult and resource-intensive task. Keeping up with the often shifting cyber security threat environment calls for large expenditures in technology, qualified staff and comprehensive ongoing training.

Managing their SIEM successfully requires resource allocation that is beyond the internal capabilities of many businesses and they run the danger of being attacked and of not adhering to industry standards as a result.

Here is where managed security services really shine, including advantages like improved team productivity, financial insight, customised setups, reducing security blind spots and health monitoring.

A managed SIEM provider takes responsibility for the entire SIEM infrastructure, from deployment to maintenance and upgrades, significantly impacting in-house security teams’ productivity, financial management, threat detection and overall security posture.

Taking a pro-active approach to SIEM

We are aware that proactive, all-encompassing methods are needed for efficient threat identification and security monitoring.

By offering knowledge, tools, and procedures that lessen the burden on their own resources, our SIEM Managed Services seek to assist businesses maximise their SIEM investments. We do it as follows:

Tailored Deployment

We collaborate extensively with our customers to comprehend their particular compliance, IT, and security concerns. This enables us to customise the SIEM deployment to their particular environment and ensures that the solution is best suited for your company.

24×7 Monitoring

Our knowledgeable security staff provides ongoing SIEM solution monitoring for our customers. By enabling early detection and resolution of any security issues, damage or data breach is less likely. A vital part of the larger “security operations” that we oversee, this round-the-clock watchfulness ensures ongoing protection.

Advanced Threat Detection

We find even the most advanced threats by combining the most recent threat information, machine learning algorithms, and behavioural analytics. Our customers are shielded against new attacks by our SIEM system, which is updated often with the most recent threat signatures and detection algorithms.

In the case of a security issue, our staff is prepared to respond. Investigating, containing, and remediating incidents quickly is what we do. Our objectives are to reduce the incident’s effects and facilitate our customers’ earliest possible return to regular business.

Compliance Reporting

Australian organisations are subject to laws, such as the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme, the Privacy Act 1988, which governs the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and industry-specific rules such as the Prudential Standard CPS 234 for financial companies.

If you have clients or activities in the European Union, they may also be required to adhere to foreign laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Compliance reporting tools included within our SIEM managed services enable our customers to prove they are following these guidelines and keep the confidence of their stakeholders.

Always Improving

We don’t believe security should be “set it and forget it.”

Looking for ways to maximise efficiency, lower false positives, and enhance detection capabilities, our staff constantly checks and evaluates the SIEM data of our customers.

To further update our customers on their security posture and any areas that need work, we also provide frequent reports and evaluations.

TechBrain’s SIEM managed service assists businesses to go beyond the difficulties of setting up and running a SIEM system while offering the knowledge, tools and processes required to optimise the return on their security expenditures.


Help Spotting
Security Risks

TechBrain can help your company in many ways beyond just technology when you work with us for your SIEM needs.

Our extensive SIEM Managed Services are designed to improve your security posture, lower risk, and maximise your resources while giving you the piece of mind that comes from knowing cyber specialists are handling your security.

Discover the advantages of partnering with us:

Improved Security Posture

With full view of your IT environment provided by our SIEM Managed Services, you can identify and address any security flaws before attackers can use them.

Reduced Risk

Through the real-time detection and response to threats, our services reduce the possibility of data breaches, system outages, and other security occurrences that might be detrimental to your company.

Cost Savings

A SIEM system may be costly to implement and maintain internally; it calls for large expenditures in staff, equipment, and training. Reduce these expenses and free up personnel to concentrate on your main business goals by outsourcing your SIEM requirements to TechBrain.

Managed SIEM Solutions

Emphasising cost savings and real-time reaction, our managed SIEM solutions provide round-the-clock monitoring and cyber threat defence.

Our systems are skilled at spotting unusual behaviour, producing warnings for further research, and stopping cyber incursions, protecting your company from the financial and legal consequences of cyber attack.


As your organisation grows and evolves, so too will your security needs. Our SIEM Managed Services are designed to scale with you, ensuring that you always have the coverage and protection you need.

Access to Expertise

Cyber security is a complex and constantly changing field. By partnering with TechBrain, you gain access to a team of experienced security professionals who are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest threats and best practices.

Better Compliance

Our SIEM Managed Services can help you meet the increasing regulatory demands for security monitoring, incident response, and reporting.

With a strong security posture, you can maintain the trust of your customers, partners and stakeholders, leading to increased business resilience and customer loyalty.

You can improve your organisation’s security posture and concentrate on your core business with the help of TechBrain’s managed SIEM service team, knowing that a dependable partner is taking care of your security monitoring and threat detection needs.


Why Security
Monitoring is Essential

In the face of today’s cyber security challenges, businesses can no longer afford to take a reactive approach to cyber security.

Businesses must have a proactive, all-encompassing plan for security monitoring and threat detection to deal with the rising frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, the complexity of IT infrastructure and strict modern regulatory requirements.

That’s where SIEM managed services come in.

The goal of security information and event management (SIEM) systems is to provide businesses with real-time insight into possible security risks by collecting, analysing and correlating security data from several sources throughout their network.

Using modern analytics, we are experts in spotting security issues, which allows businesses to react quickly and mitigate the risks.

Still, it’s not always easy to bring a SIEM system in-house and manage it effectively.

To stay up with the constantly evolving threat environment, substantial expenditures in technology, trained staff and ongoing training are necessary. For this reason, managed SIEM solutions are becoming more popular among businesses.

By using our knowledge to efficiently maintain and operate SIEM systems, we can improve a businesses’ overall cyber security posture.

Here’s why SIEM-as-a-service is essential in today’s threat landscape:

The Threat Landscape is Evolving

Cybercriminals are always thinking of new ways to circumvent established security measures. Staying ahead of these risks, including the capacity to spot prospective security concerns, is made possible with the help of SIEM systems, which provide real-time visibility and enhanced detection capabilities.

Alert Fatigue is a Real Problem

The sheer number of warnings and false positives may quickly overwhelm security professionals if a well-tuned SIEM system is not in place. This “alert fatigue” makes it easy to ignore legitimate dangers.

With the help of SIEM managed services providers like TechBrain, your SIEM can be fine-tuned so that your team can concentrate on the most critical events.

Compliance is Becoming More Complex

Regulatory bodies are placing increasing pressure on organisations to demonstrate robust security monitoring and incident response capabilities. SIEM Managed Services can help you meet these requirements and avoid costly penalties.

Cyber Security Skills Gap

The demand for cybersecurity professionals far outpaces the supply, making it difficult and expensive for organisations to build and retain an in-house security team. SIEM Managed Services allows you to access a team of experts without the challenges of hiring and training.

Data Volumes are Exploding

As organisations generate and collect more data than ever before, the challenge of effectively monitoring and analysing that data for security threats has grown exponentially.

SIEM solutions are designed to handle these large data volumes by utilising advanced algorithms and machine learning to extract actionable insights from the data.

SIEM managed services are not just a nice-to-have but an essential component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in today’s threat landscape.

By partnering with a trusted SIEM Managed Services provider like TechBrain, organisations can enhance their security posture, reduce risk and focus on their core business objectives, all while benefiting from expert guidance and proactive threat mitigation.


What is the typical timeframe for setting up the solution?

An initial evaluation of your company’s IT infrastructure, security demands, and compliance requirements is a standard part of our SIEM Managed Services onboarding process. We provide a tailored strategy for execution based on this.

It typically takes around two to four weeks to deploy and configure the SIEM system; however, this time frame can vary greatly based on the complexity of your environment and the number of integrations that are needed. But we begin adding value immediately during onboarding by keeping tabs on your surroundings using our own tools.

How often are the SIEM rulebases, correlation rules and detections updated?

On a regular basis, our team checks threat intelligence files and updates from technology partners to find new and changing threats. Every week, we make sure your company is protected from the latest threats by reviewing and updating the SIEM rulebases, correlation rules and detections. Whenever there is a major security warning or prominent danger, we will promptly revise the applicable detections and regulations.

What kind of reporting and metrics does TechBrain provide?

To assist you in evaluating the efficacy of our SIEM managed services and your general security posture, we offer thorough reports and analytics.

This includes daily and weekly security incident reports detailing detected threats, actions taken, and resolution status; monthly security posture reports providing an overview of your organisation’s security posture, key risk areas and recommended remediation actions; and quarterly business reviews discussing strategic security initiatives, the ROI of the SIEM managed services, and the continuous improvement roadmap.

Additionally, we provide access to a real-time dashboard offering visibility into current security events, incident response activities and key metrics.

How does TechBrain handle false positives and tune the SIEM solution to reduce noise and alert fatigue for my security team?

Our security specialists will collaborate closely with your team to get an understanding of your infrastructure, apps, and user behaviours throughout the tuning and optimisation phase of our SIEM Managed Services. After that, we make sure the SIEM system is accurate and that the warnings it generates are actionable by reducing the number of false positives.

Your input and environmental changes inform our constant monitoring and tweaking of the SIEM, thus tuning the system efficacy is always, as it should, be an ongoing process.