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Fortify Your Human

In recent years, business leaders have put a strong focus on cyber security, and specifically the latest technical innovations in cyber attack prevention. From cutting-edge firewalls to powerful intrusion detection systems, Australian businesses make significant investments in strengthening their digital defences.

However, in the middle of the concentration on technology, one important weakness is often overlooked, the human aspect.

Cybercriminals are fully aware of this vulnerability and are progressively abusing it via sophisticated social engineering tactics such as phishing, pretexting and baiting.

These deceptive approaches are intended to fool workers into disclosing critical information, providing unauthorised access, or falling victim to malware infestations.

A successful social engineering assault may have far-reaching implications, ranging from data breaches and financial losses to irreversible reputational harm.

Recognising the vital need to address this key risk, TechBrain offers comprehensive social engineering assessment services tailored to the unique needs of Australian enterprises.

Our skilled cyber professionals know that see your staff as more than simply potential vulnerabilities; they are your first line of defence against cyber attacks.

By analysing your organisation’s vulnerability to social engineering threats and offering focused training and coaching, we can help you change your human firewall from a liability to a powerful advantage.

TechBrain’s Approach

Our skilled security experts use a rigorous, multifaceted approach to social engineering examinations. We start by fully analysing your company’s specific risk profile, security posture and commercial goals.

This enables us to adjust our testing methods to your individual requirements while focusing on the areas of greatest risk.

Penetration testing services, including social engineering penetration tests, are critical for detecting and reducing cyber security threats, providing technical assurance and adapting services to accomplish the desired goals of your business.

Our stringent social engineering testing process includes:

Phishing Simulations

We craft realistic phishing emails that closely mimic real-world attacks, assessing your employees’ ability to identify and report suspicious messages.

Phone-based Pretexting

Our consultants participate in scripted phone conversations with your employees, aiming to get sensitive information or acquire unauthorised access by impersonating trustworthy institutions.

Physical Intrusion Tests

We undertake on-site assessments, including social engineering tactics to try to break physical security systems and obtain access to restricted locations.

USB Baiting

Specially prepared USB devices with phoney malware are strategically positioned to assess staff understanding and compliance with USB security regulations.

Throughout the evaluation process, we thoroughly record our findings, extracting specific insights and compiling them into a complete and useful report.

This report contains a full analysis of the found vulnerabilities, the possible consequences of successful attacks, and practical suggestions for remedy and staff training.

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Confidential Information

Recognising the essential role that people play in protecting an organisation’s digital assets, TechBrain provides complete social engineering assessment service to assist Australian business in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in their human firewall.

Identifying Real-world Risks

Our experiments simulate true social engineering techniques, exposing flaws that attackers may exploit. By proactively identifying these risks, you may take preventative measures to minimise them before they cause a breach.

Securing Leadership Buy-in

Our evaluations provide strong, data-supported evidence that emphasises the critical necessity for continual security awareness training and the allocation of resources to human-centric security measures.

Testing Existing Controls

Social engineering audits evaluate the performance of your existing anti-phishing filters, security rules, and staff training programmes, identifying areas for improvement.

Enhancing Employee Awareness

Partnering with TechBrain for your social engineering assessment ensures that your company benefits from the experience of our seasoned security specialists, who have a thorough awareness of the cyber threats that Australian companies face.

Our tailored approach, along with cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, allows us to provide actionable insights and suggestions, such as staff training programmes and policy upgrades, to reinforce your human firewall and improve your overall security posture.


Costs of Neglecting
Social Engineering Risks

In an age where cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the human aspect of security, social engineering evaluations are an essential component of a complete cyber security plan.

Consider the following dismal statistics:

  • The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) reported that cybercrime costs Australian businesses over $46,000 per report.
  • Cyber crime is on the rise with a 23% increase in year-on-year reports.
  • Notified ransomware attacks rose 7% to 158 reports.

These numbers highlight the critical necessity for organisations to prioritise social engineering evaluations and personnel security training.

By proactively identifying and fixing weaknesses in your human firewall, you drastically limit your exposure to these expensive and devastating assaults.

At TechBrain, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in developing robust human firewalls and defending against increasing social engineering threats.

Our expert staff, cutting-edge technologies and tried-and-true methods have assisted many organisations across sectors in strengthening their defences and cultivating a security-conscious culture.

Don’t wait until a social engineering attack jeopardises your sensitive information, undermines consumer confidence and harms your reputation.

We’ll work together to remain one step ahead of social engineers and protect your key assets.


How long will a social engineering assessment take and how often should we conduct assessments?

A social engineering assessment can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the organisation’s size, complexity and techniques used. It’s recommended to conduct them annually, but high-risk industries or those with significant changes may benefit from biannual or quarterly assessments.

Can TechBrain provide industry-specific or role-specific social engineering assessments tailored to our unique needs?

Absolutely. TechBrain understands that each industry and organisation faces unique social engineering risks. Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your specific industry regulations, compliance requirements and business processes. We will then tailor our assessment techniques and scenarios to align with your industry and the specific roles within your organisation.

What kind of support does TechBrain offer to address vunerabilities and recommended security controls?

We offer comprehensive support to help strengthen your human firewall, including identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations for improvement. Our team will provide guidance on implementing technical controls, developing security policies and offering security awareness training programs.

They also offer ongoing consultation to address identified vulnerabilities and maintain a strong security posture. Their goal is to empower businesses’ with the knowledge and tools to build a resilient human firewall and manage social engineering risks over time.

Will there be disruptions to our daily operations during a social engineering assessment?

We ensure minimal disruptions to daily business operations through non-intrusive, phased testing techniques and clear communication with your internal IT teams. They balance thorough assessments with operational continuity, minimising disruptions to employees and systems.