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Your best line of defence
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With phishing and malware attacks on the rise, simple anti-virus software won’t cut it anymore. A robust system backup is your best line of defence against attackers using crypto viruses to hold Australian businesses at ransom, which can cost thousands in data loss.

It may sound simple, but having regular and thorough tools for backups of all your files and systems in secure cloud storage allows you far greater flexibility when dealing with all kinds of recovery, managing business crises and to prevent data loss.

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TechBrain’s dedicated
backup solutions

System backups aren’t a technology issue, they’re a business issue. The costs of data loss, software malfunctions and trying to recover the lost data are too high, and the risk too significant for business owners to ignore.

And it’s not just reasons like the threat of cyber-attack or a loss of data that a backup plan can help prevent. Business data backup also protects you against crises such as an office burglary or simply a burst water pipe flooding the server room. You can help avoid catastrophes and mitigate your risk with proper backups and data loss protection in place.

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What our data loss
protection plans include

Firstly, we understand that no two organisations have precisely the same data backup requirements. That’s why we tailor our backup service to your individual needs, and the legal obligations pertinent to your industry.

We offer a diverse range of backup software and strategies, always using best of breed products and solutions to keep your organisation’s data safe and secure.

TechBrain’s Perth office provides business-grade backup storage systems that don’t just ensure your data is safe from theft or an outage, we also protect software for mission critical systems.

Delivering fast disaster recovery times, monitoring and flexible business continuity options so you can get back on your feet quickly. All with minimal disruption, storage infiltration and data loss or data leakage.

Engage TechBrain to protect yourself against significant data loss and malicious attacks that can bring businesses to their knees.


Will your backup service protect me even in the event of a ransomware attack?

Ransomware is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes, especially as attackers become more subtle about the ways they gain access to your network. Educating your employees and keeping your antivirus programs up to date is a crucial first step. Unfortunately, new ransomware programs do occasionally slip through even robust defences.

When it comes to data backup, making use of several backup applications can save the day during a ransomware attack. While backup solutions can’t protect businesses from ransomware attacks, they are the most effective way of minimising the impact they could have by protecting data and providing a swift restore process.

Why can’t I just use free backup software?

Free backup software can be an extremely useful tool for many small businesses and startups. Indeed, even large businesses make use of cloud storage services like Google Drive, and free backup platforms like DropBox or Microsoft One Drive.

However, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Free backup software usually involves a limited amount of storage space and functionality. After all, these backup providers are hoping you’ll upgrade to a paid plan once you’ve come to rely on their software. Another big issue is that cloud server companies like the ones we mentioned above – depending on how you manage them – aren’t technically backup solutions, but syncing solutions.

The problem with this is that if you accidentally delete a file or folder on your mobile device, you might be deleting it from all your devices. This isn’t a problem if you realise your mistake right away, but it’s a big problem if you don’t. Most free backup software clears your ‘trashed’ items from storage for good after a certain period of time – and then they’re gone forever. Privacy is another concern.

If you work with highly sensitive client information, making use of public storage platforms might not be an option. Don’t get us wrong – these storage options are great for personal files, photos and videos, etc. And for very small startups with limited capital, having a free backup system is infinitely better than having none at all. If your business can’t run without its data, however, then you need something more robust. If you’re in any doubt, rather give TechBrain a call, and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction!

Do you offer corporate data backup services?

Yes. Large businesses and government organisations are under immense pressure to keep their systems running securely. TechBrain offers comprehensive SME and corporate data protection services to prevent corporate data loss.

What if the current internet connection is not sufficient to support a cloud backup solution?

For companies who rely mainly on cloud storage services for backups, bandwidth bottlenecks can become an issue. This is especially true if you have a slow internet connection. For this and many other reasons, some organisations prefer to schedule cloud backups rather than have them syncing continuously.
In this case,
TechBrain will analyse whether or not the connection can still be utilised by optimising the backup configuration, or alternatively design an offsite solution that includes media being manually taken offsite. Have questions about the right data backup and storage solutions for your organisation? Our backup specialists are on hand to assist!