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Cyber Consulting

TechBrain is a premier provider of cutting-edge cyber security consulting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Australian businesses.

Our team of cyber experts work closely with you to develop comprehensive cyber strategies that align with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential 8 Framework and help them elevate your compliance up to a standards maturity level 2.

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of threat landscapes, best practices and compliance requirements we deliver unparalleled protection to help safeguard your digital assets and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your critical systems and data.

Application control
Ensuring that only approved and necessary software operates within your network. We carefully manage and restrict executables, libraries and scripts to not only optimises your system performance but also minimise vulnerabilities.

Patch applications
Timely patching of applications is integral to our security strategy. We implement a robust system for tracking, testing, and deploying patches as soon as they’re released by software developers, proactively closing vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Configure Microsoft Office macros
We configure macro settings to limit their execution to trusted locations and digitally signed macros, effectively mitigating the risk of malicious code execution.

User privileges
We ensure detailed management of user access rights and bolster the security of your applications. By precisely regulating admin rights in accordance with roles and responsibilities, we limit the scope of possible disruptions if a breach occurs.

Application hardening
Redundant features are disabled and to implement more secure configurations in applications.

Patching operating systems
We maintain an up-to-date inventory of all OS versions in your environment and swiftly deploy patches as they are released. This proactive approach eliminates known vulnerabilities, ensuring that your systems remain secure.

Multi-factor authentication
By requiring an additional layer of verification beyond just passwords, we significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access. Whether it’s biometric, token-based, or a unique one-time code, we’ll tailor an MFA strategy that suits your organisation’s needs.

Regular backups
Our team ensures that regular backups of important data are conducted and securely stored. This approach not only safeguards your valuable information against ransomware attacks or system failures but also ensures that data recovery is quick and efficient, thereby minimising operational downtime and preserving business continuity.

The Process

Business focused
cyber strategies

Building a comprehensive plan to protect your digital assets against cyber threats.

Risk Assessment

Identifying and prioritising potential threats and risks to critical systems and data, and evaluating the likelihood and potential impact of each.

Policies & Procedures

Developing a set of policies and procedures that govern how users interact with systems and data, and ensuring that they comply with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

Technology Solutions

Implementing a range of cybersecurity technologies, including firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems and encryption to protect against cyber threats.

Cyber Awareness

Conducting regular training and awareness campaigns to educate users on cyber security best practices and the role they play in maintaining a secure digital environment.

Incident Response Planning

Developing a plan for responding to cyber incidents, including the process for detecting, analysing, containing, and eradicating threats, as well as communicating with stakeholders.

On-Going Monitoring

Implementing a system for continuous monitoring of networks, systems and data to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities and respond promptly.

Protecting Your Digital Future

Cyber Security

At Techbrain, we specialise in provide premier cyber security consulting services that safeguard your business’s digital assets.

With the ever increasing threat landscape in the digital world, our expertise and tailored solutions are designed to protect your organisation from cyber threats and ensure a robust security posture.

Industry expertise
With years of experience in the cyber security industry, our team of cyber experts stays ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging threats and industry best practices. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses across various sectors and have the knowledge and skills to address them effectively.

Tailored solutions
We believe in bespoke solutions that cater to your specific security needs. Our cyber security consultants work closely with you to assess your vulnerabilities, develop comprehensive security strategies and implement the most appropriate solutions to mitigate risks.

We understand that each business has its own set of requirements and our bespoke approach ensures that your cyber security measures align perfectly with your business goals.

Proven Track Record
Our experienced team has successfully assisted Australian businesses in strengthening their cyber defenses, implementing robust security strategies and achieving regulatory compliance.

With a focus on tangible outcomes and client satisfaction, we have built a reputation for providing reliable and effective solutions.

Australian-Based Team
With a team of certified cyber security experts based in Australia, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the local landscape. Our team is familiar with the regulatory environment and ASCS / CDC standards as well as the key requirements for the Essential 8.

Strategic Overview

Building Cyber

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, cyber resilience is a critical component of a successful business strategy.

As the reliance on digital technologies grows, the ability to not only protect against cyber threats but also to quickly recover from and adapt to security incidents is essential for companies to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Growing cyber threats
Cyber threats continue to evolve and grow at an alarming rate, with businesses of all sizes and industries at risk of financial and reputational damage from cyber attacks.

Data breaches, ransomware attacks and other malicious activities can result in significant financial losses, damage to a company’s reputation and loss of customer trust. As a result, building cyber resilience is crucial to ensure the ongoing success and stability of a business.

Legal and regulatory compliance
Legal and regulatory compliance plays a significant role in shaping an organization’s cyber security practices. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Australian Privacy Act require businesses to implement robust data protection measures and maintain the highest standards of security.

Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid hefty fines and penalties, as well as reputational damage that could negatively impact a company’s bottom line.

Customer trust and data protection
Customer trust is an invaluable asset for any business and ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive customer data is paramount. By prioritising cyber resilience, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to protecting their customers’ information and maintaining their trust, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and long-term growth.

Business continuity and operational efficiency
Business continuity and operational efficiency are crucial in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Cyber incidents can cause significant disruptions, resulting in downtime, loss of productivity and additional costs to restore systems and recover lost data. A strong cyber resilience strategy enables businesses to maintain smooth operations, minimise the impact of cyber incidents and reduce the likelihood of costly disruptions.

Competitive advantage
A robust cyber resilience posture can also serve as a competitive advantage, differentiating a company from its competitors and improving its market position. Companies that can demonstrate their commitment to cyber security and resilience are more likely to attract and retain customers, partners and investors who value data protection and privacy.


How do cyber security consultants assess my company's security posture?

TechBrain evaluates security posture by conducting a thorough review of your IT infrastructure, policies and procedures. Vulnerabilities and potential risks are identified through various methods such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and security audits, ultimately providing key recommendations to strengthen your overall security defenses.

How can a cyber security consultant help with regulatory compliance?

Regulatory compliance is assessed by reviewing current security posture, identifying gaps, and providing recommendations to meet industry-specific regulations. We also assist in implementing necessary security controls, policies, and procedures, ensuring ongoing compliance and reducing the risk of penalties or reputational damage to future-proof your business.

Where does Australia rank in cyber security?

Australia is recognised for its strong cyber security measures, adopting the Essential Eight framework by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). These government-backed initiatives bolster cyber resilience and establish best practices, placing Australia among the top countries in the global cyber security landscape.

How do cyber security consultants work with my existing IT team?

We collaborate with your existing IT team by assessing current security measures, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing recommendations for improvement. TechBrain consultant’s expert guidance, training and support are here to help your IT staff implement effective security practices.

Our Consultants work alongside your IT team to develop and maintain a robust cyber security strategy, ensuring seamless integration of new security measures whilst respecting the team’s existing knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to enhance your IT team’s capabilities and create a more secure digital environment for your business.

Does TechBrain offer on-going cyber security support & maintenance?

TechBrain’s on-going support includes regular security updates, monitoring, vulnerability assessments of your cyber security posture to keep your digital assets secure from ever evolving threats.

How can I evaluate the return on investment (ROI) on a cyber consultancy service?

Evaluating the ROI of a cyber security consultancy service involves considering cost avoidance from potential breaches and compliance penalties balanced by the positive outcomes in operational efficiency, customer trust and competitive advantage.