Disaster Recovery

Is Your Data Safe From Loss?

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Ignoring Data Backup puts your business at risk, but TechBrain can help

    If catastrophic data loss could bring your business to its knees then it’s vital to put in place a robust data backup and recovery solution, along with a business continuity plan to keep the lights on while you get back on your feet.

    When data loss can cripple your business it’s not just a technology issue, it’s a significant business risk which senior management can’t afford to ignore. That risk to your business comes in many forms, from cyber-attack and cryptolocker ransomware to hardware failure or simply a burst water pipe flooding your server room.

    It’s easy to make a business case for backup based on lost productivity, but don’t forget to allow for lost customers and long-term damage to your reputation, says Mike Fernando – Technical Manager with Perth-based business IT support provider TechBrain.

    Backup alone isn’t enough

    “Backup alone isn’t enough when customers are depending you, you also need a disaster recovery plan along with a business continuity plan to keep the doors open while you put your disaster recovery plan into action,” Fernando says.

    A business-grade backup system doesn’t just ensure your data is safe, it also protects mission critical systems – delivering fast recovery times and flexible business continuity options so you can get through the incident with minimal disruption.

    “The real game-changer is virtualisation, which gives small to medium-sized businesses access to enterprise-grade backup and recovery services that can get you back on your feet quickly,” Fernando says.

    “If your shared network drive is encrypted by ransomware, how long would it take to recover? If there’s a major hardware failure, how long would it take you to rebuild your critical systems and what would be the impact of that downtime? If your business can’t afford to sit dead in the water then virtualisation is the key.”

    To find out exactly what steps you should be taking, simply email [email protected] and we’ll send you our essential step-by-step guide to keeping your data backed up safely. It’s vital information your company can’t afford to miss.