Disaster Recovery

Is your business disaster-proof?

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Businesses in Perth, across Australia and around the globe have substantially changed the process they follow for monitoring the risks associated with man-made disasters.

    In the event of anything untoward occurring such as costly power outages or flooding, every business should be proactive in ensuring they have a business disaster plan including the necessary backup services, technology cover, and disaster managementin place by partnering with an organisation that has experience and is focused on protecting your business.

    Businesses need a technology disaster recovery dr that can ensure they are prepared for unexpected man-made disasters. Techbrain is a proactive service provider that not only has the know-how in preparing a business disaster plan for your office but is an organisation with experience in protecting your business including your technology and IT environment..

    Why you need disaster management for your business

    Is your business disaster proof? A good disaster recovery plan from a proactive service provider is imperative for business to survive either natural or man-made disasters. Rather than take their chances, each organisation should have a Disaster Recovery plan in place. being proactive allows for a good Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to be set well in advance, so when disaster strikes, you have backup services in place to assist in recovery.

    It is also important to ensure the plan has an effective Recovery Time Objective (RTO) prepared by a disaster recovery dr. This maximises the chances that the company’s downtime time is kept to a minimum following unexpected events such as costly power outages or flooding.

    Downtime in business can be very costly. Having an optimal backup plan in place for when man-made disasters strike can reduce damage to the business including lost profits, damaged client relationships and harm to the brand.

    Business continuity is an imperative

    Every business should undertake an assessment of the processes and systems they have in place to ensure the continuous running of the office environment in the event of either natural or man-made disasters. A robust emergency response plan tied to a service level agreement that helps ensure coverage and defines roles and responsibilities in each area of the business is essential.

    Protecting your business both operationally as well as from a brand perspective on social media can be costly. Whether in the private sector, non profit or government sector and, irrespective of whether data storage is done locally, via private cloud or use a share cloud computing solution, a disaster recovery plan and backup plan is essential.

    With the assistance of staff from TechBrain whose experience with the creation and execution of a disaster recovery plan is outstanding, your organisation can ensurebusiness continuity is achieved.

    Design your disaster management recovery program today. Is your business disaster proof? Let TechBrain show you how.