The trusted IT services department for organisations with between 10 and 200 people

“TechBrain are far and
away the very best
in IT support”

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Why do our clients partner with us?

They receive results that are far superior to what they have been seeing where they have less issues and:

  • Benefit from a technology partner that enables growth
  • Lower the total REAL cost of IT (downtime, inefficiency, poor functionality)
  • Have more productive employees
  • Enjoy greater business profitability

Our purpose is to help customers outperform through intelligent solutions and exceptional IT service.

That’s the TechBrain way.

Courtney Smyth – Service Delivery Manager

How we’re different

TechBrain is a leading Australian provider of innovative IT services which includes IT support, IT security, cloud computing, data backup, disaster recovery and IT managed services solutions to corporate, nonprofit and local government organisations with between 10 and 200 people.

We Listen

Our friendly and helpful IT Support team is renowned for its ability to simplify the complex, reduce “noise” and remove frustration.

We Innovate

For over 15 years TechBrain has wowed 100’s of customers in dozens of industries by taking pride in delivering innovative solutions that maximise profitability.

We Protect

TechBrain reduces risk and technology costs, enhances security, improves team morale and creates a more competitive position by proactively managing your environment.

We Deliver

We have enabled multiple clients to grow, lower their REAL cost of IT and increase their profitability. We don’t just embrace world-class methods, we deliver on them.

10 ways we deliver

  • Our IT services are about your business model
  • Our help desk is staffed from 8am to 5pm
  • Calls answered by a person, not a machine
  • We’re Microsoft certified to stay current
  • We don’t patch problems, we prevent them instead
  • We’re customised to your requirements
  • We’re locally staffed by people you’ll meet
  • You’ll never face sales people with quotas
  • We offer measurable results not SLA’s
  • Our dedicated team has defined roles, no multi-tasking

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