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Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart
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Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart
General Manager

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    The advancement of technology came with so many perils to companies both small and large scale. One can argue that we are living in the information age, data is a prefixed necessity across the board when running a successful institution.

    Companies run information by potential investors to grab their attention which makes information prerequisite for paving new partnerships. Information, in this case, would be personnel information, datasheets, audit results, product, and market research.

    Today this information is stored on computers, personal devices, servers, and whereas information storage and sharing have come a long way, there was a need to protect data owners from malice by the competition. Hence, cyber-security was developed to guard the companies against breach of privacy.

    What is cyber security?

    Governments, banks, hospitals, SMEs (Small and Mid-sized Enterprises) run and process vast amounts of data from department to department, device to device as well as inter-organization information sharing. Whereas all this shows a huge leap in information management, there is always a need to keep information and data privileged.

    Cyber-security comprises efforts to rid the LAN (Local Area Network) and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) for intrusion, attacks, and sabotage. Classify security clearance in the organization to what is privy information. As well as making sure that personal devices don’t lead to leakages of organizational data.

    What is Unified Threat Management (UTM)?

    Under WatchGuard technologies, UTM devices were designed to ease deployment, use, day to day management as well as the best security imaginable. The company has a belief that network security is no longer a luxury but a must-have for all sized businesses.

    Founded in 1996, WatchGuard Technologies can pride itself as the first network security company to build an integrated hardware appliance. The Firebox providing high-level security with complexity in usage, managed centrally while offering full network visibility. WatchGuard prides itself on the wide range of network security services such as antispam, URL filtering, Gateway AV as well as services against malicious acts such as ransomware.

    How does UTM work?

    UTM under a single device is meant to provide a multitude of security features for the user on a given network. These include web filtering, anti-spam as well as anti-virus. It keeps the network free of viruses and malware through deep packet inspection.

    It also prevents unnecessary website visits by its pre-installed website filtering. Automatic updates are installed as soon as they are available to up security features to the system. It allows the administration to retain control of different data and allocate security clearance across the organization.

    The anti-spam blocks unwanted emails by simply scanning the SMTP email traffic. And this way you can simply classify what emails suit your employees and what is simply spam, keeping them focused on your organizational goals.

    UTM also employs an anti-virus to guard the network from worms, trojans, spyware as well as infected files over HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, and POP3 protocols. Through the Unified Threat Management device, you can track employee productivity and user behavior through web filtering which has a URL filtering capability using a given Websense server.

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