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    The evolution of storage since 1890 throughout the 20th century has been greatly momentous for so many tech firms to date. Storage is the backbone of information throughout all its stages, from the physical documentation such as paper to server/cloud-based storage. The information has only retained value solely based on how best it is stored and protected.

    The use of mobile storage devices has eased storage costs by about 78% because start-ups don’t have to worry about setting up a state-of-the-art storage room to keep records. And whereas shelving and storage rooms are still used to date, they aren’t necessarily a must-have for a company’s survival.

    What is Trend Micro Worry-Free security?

    Trend Micro Worry-Free business security was majorly designed to protect physical and virtualized endpoints in small organizations of about 2 to 100 users from malware, data loss as well as web threats. Worry-Free services are cloud-based hosted solutions that provide antivirus protection, malware protection for threats like bots and rootkits, antispyware and ransomware protection, Web, and URL filtering.

    There is also protection for attached devices such as hard drives, flash disks, and DVDs. Worry-Free services offer real-time scanning of POP3 email accounts, email content filtering, blocking spam before reaching the mail server, data loss prevention, phishing, and Mac protection.

    Worry-Free security enables server-free protection in every environment such as branch and remote locations. Worry-Free security supports most Windows operating systems such as Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10. The Worry-Free services also support the Mac Operating system both desktop and server but NOT Linux, Android, iOS, and Blackberry services for customers running Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

    Why use Trend Micro Worry-Free security?

    Despite all the good intentions people hold, they remain the biggest threat to security. It is therefore important to keep threats from them as much as possible. Through email protection, URL filters, controlled file sharing, and blocking unnecessary website visits.

    The perks of using Trend Micro Worry-Free security lie with usability, there is no need for an IT expert to install. This is the main reason why so many small businesses have taken it up. It also has a very limited impact on user performance.

    The Worry-Free services run on PCs, Android, iOS which makes them adaptable by all members of the organization. Worry-Free cloud-based and Advanced services support password security as well as remote lock and wipe for Android and iOS devices. These also offer remote locate, unsafe website blocking, and app scanning for Android devices only.

    How does Worry-Free services work?

    An intuitive cloud-based concept that gives you a superlative outlook and control across your organization. Worry-Free analyses files during runtime and execution for more reliable protection. It stops email threats before reaching your network because they uncover ransomware and viral attacks.

    Thanks to Worry-Free XDR, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can stop and eradicate threats for their customers and unburden MSPs. Also, Worry-Free services provide cross-customer analysis reports, cross-partner analysis reports, incident response as well as a monthly summary report. Administrators can customize the appropriate options during installation for a given environment.

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