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Welcome to TechBrain’s IT Helpdesk Service, your one-stop solution for all your IT-related issues and needs. We provide a dedicated IT department of highly trained support technicians committed to providing fast and efficient support, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly.

Whether you’re dealing with software troubles, network connectivity issues, hardware malfunctions, or simply need help navigating new technologies, our helpdesk is here to assist.

We offer a wide array of managed services including troubleshooting, technical guidance, system updates, and much more, available 10 hours a day 7 – 5pm, with additional support available outside of standard hours to ensure maximum uptime and productivity for your business.

Poor IT service desk support costs business operations thousands of dollars each year. Does your IT company fail to respond quickly to staff service requests? Does your business engage an IT support partner whose staff lack experience and help desk software that does not effectively track support requests?

We’ll give you the piece of mind that no IT challenge is too great to be handled promptly, reducing downtime and opening up internal resources to focus on what matters most: your business success.

Let us handle the tech so you can handle your business.

Help Desk Support

Our team provides prompt, user-focused assistance, resolving technical glitches, aiding with system usage, and ensuring optimal software performance, enabling seamless business operations and increased productivity.

On-Site Support

Providing in-person assistance for technical issues. Our expert technicians visit your premises to troubleshoot and resolve complex problems, set up hardware, or perform system upgrades, ensuring your technology infrastructure performs optimally for your business needs.

Software Support

Our support technicians act as the first level of third-party support. We address software-related issues, perform installations and updates, troubleshoot bugs and guide users in maximising the value of your software to enhance productivity and prevent potential disruptions. Our role is integral in bridging the gap between users and software vendors, providing immediate assistance and strategic solutions to any arising problems.

IT Infrastructure

Regular hardware and network maintenance is also part of our managed services, ensuring each device operates at peak performance to deliver efficiency, reduce downtime and contribute positively to your business productivity. Our skilled technicians are at your service to ensure your hardware and network connectivity needs are met swiftly and professionally.

Cyber Security

We proactively monitor your computer systems, thwart cyber threats and manage data security protocols. Our experts can handle network security audits, anti-virus management, incident responses and device security, fortifying your business against potential cyber attacks.

Cloud Solutions

Providing support for setup, migration and troubleshooting of cloud systems. We ensure seamless integration, security and optimal operation of your cloud-based infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service platforms, enhancing your business’s scalability and accessibility.

Disaster Recovery

Unexpected data loss can be disastrous for your business. Our expert technicians have the tools and expertise to recover your data from various types of media, including hard drives, servers and RAID systems to help get your business back on track.

IT Consulting & Strategy

Elevate your business with our top-tier cloud services. Empower growth, agility and innovation through scalable solutions, ironclad security, and cost-effectiveness. Join the cloud revolution and experience the future of seamless IT infrastructure today.

Remote Support

Remote access & diagnostic tools allowing our skilled technicians to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues for offsite workers promptly, ensuring seamless operations and minimising downtime.

response team, headset on

Responsive IT help desk
support you can depend on


Skilled & Experienced Professionals

Our team is staffed with highly skilled and experienced IT professionals, committed to providing top-tier solutions and ensuring your business runs smoothly. With proficiency across a wide spectrum of IT areas, we have the knowledge to resolve issues promptly and the foresight to anticipate challenges before they arise.

State-of-the-art IT tools & technologies

We utilise state-of-the-art IT tools and technologies, which enable us to diagnose and rectify issues more efficiently. Our team stays on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring your business has access to the latest and most effective solutions, keeping you ahead of the competition.

User-friendly ticketing

Experience simplicity and transparency with our user-friendly ticketing system. This intuitive platform allows you to track your issues in real time, from reporting to resolution, providing a clear, straightforward view of the support process. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and visibility, fostering a stronger partnership.

10+ hours of availability

We know that IT issues don’t adhere to a nine-to-five schedule, and neither do we. Our team has a minimum 10 hours availability a day with additional non-standard hour support available, to ensure maximum uptime for your business. No matter when an issue arises, our dedicated team is ready to deliver prompt and efficient solutions.

Knowledge of evolving IT trends

We understand the importance of staying ahead in this fast-paced digital age. That’s why we ensure our team is always up to date with the latest IT trends and evolutions. By understanding the future trajectory of technology, we’re able to offer advice and solutions that are not just fit for your business today, but will continue to support your growth tomorrow.

The Ticket Process

A simple & effective
path to resolution

Enjoy the piece of mind that your IT challenge will be resolved in 3 simple steps.

Tier 1: Response team

The IT response team stage involves trained technical support staff responding swiftly to your tickets, troubleshooting complex issues and implementing solutions. Rest easy knowing that 90% of ticket cases are resolved at this stage and normal operations are promptly restored.

Tier 2: Senior technical team support

Seasoned technical IT experts adept at managing escalated technical concerns. Not only do they resolve complex issues, but they also engage in proactive planning, proposing forward-thinking solutions to secure your business’s future and mitigate the business risks associated with out-of-date IT infrastructure.

Tier 3: On-site visit

Where necessary, our WA on-site team or partners visit your premises to tackle intricate hardware or network problems first-hand. They are committed to diagnosing and resolving issues directly, ensuring optimal system functionality and network performance.

Strategic Overview

Proactive IT support
saves time & money

In today’s fast-paced digital era, businesses rely heavily on technology for nearly all operations, from communication and data management to customer service.

It’s a business paradigm where maintaining technological assets to ensure the smooth running of your business is critical and taking a  proactive IT support approach can save significant amounts of both time and money on the traditional, reactive, break/fix it approach.

Ensuring seamless business operations

Taking a strategic approach where potential IT problems are anticipated and addressed before they escalate into costly disruptions is essential. It eliminates the possibility of unexpected downtime, which can negatively impact productivity and revenue.

For instance, regular system maintenance can identify issues like insufficient storage space or outdated software, which, if left unattended, could result in system crashes or data loss.

Assisting in problem-solving and troubleshooting

Beyond system maintenance, proactive IT support involves being on the front foot when it comes to problem-solving and troubleshooting.

Rather than waiting for issues to occur, our IT specialists analyse system performance data in real-time and user feedback to detect and fix minor issues before they morph into major problems. This process reduces the time spent on resolving problems and allows employees to focus on their core job functions rather than grappling with IT issues.

Providing technical guidance and advice

Our IT experts guide your team through understanding and efficiently using your key software to enhance productivity.

We offer training sessions tailored to your business needs, ensuring your staff can navigate, troubleshoot basic issues, and optimally utilise your key software tools.

Improving business productivity through technology

Through regular system upgrades, network optimisation and implementation of new technologies, IT support can enhance system performance and user efficiency. A faster network can speed up processes, while the use of new productivity tools can improve team collaboration.


What business sizes does your help desk service support?

While most of our clients fall into the SME range, TechBrain frequently also works with large government organisations, as well as smaller entities such as non-profits. Our technical support personnel are well-equipped to support your organisation, whether you need small scale or enterprise-level ICT solutions. We have a variety of service levels available to suit your unique needs, and keep up with a fast-paced world!

How can I tell if my organisation needs a dedicated help desk service provider?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s time you considered outsourced IT support when:

a. You no longer have the skills and knowledge to deal with new hardware and software in-house.

b. Trying to solve IT problems is taking time away from your business growth and development.

c. You’re starting to fall behind your competitors due to outdated technologies or IT methodologies.

d. Your organisation is expanding, you’re hiring new staff, and you need help scaling your technology infrastructure.

e. Industry regulations require you to implement cybersecurity measures you’re not comfortable tackling on your own.

f. You’re making a big IT move, such as digitising critical operations, putting an ITIL framework in place, or transitioning to cloud-based services. Having access to IT help desk support is invaluable in all the above cases, as well as for general support requests whenever you need them.

How does the help desk support process work?

TechBrain follows industry prescribed IT help desk best practices at all times. If you need support, simply give us a call, or log a support ticket through our service desk software. We guarantee all service requests will be dealt with in a timely manner. One of our technicians or dedicated account managers will be in touch promptly to help you solve the problem asap. We only make use of the very best IT ticketing systems to ensure our clients receive the level of service they’ve come to expect from us! In the event we can’t assist you off-site, our awesome IT response team will come to you.

What about my in-house IT desk support team? What happens to them?

Many of our clients prefer to retain some level of IT support in-house, and that’s A-Okay! Our IT help desk in Perth will take on a supporting role, working with them to improve your company’s efficiency as a whole. In addition, our IT help desk services can be deployed in a reporting and remote monitoring capacity. We can assist with and advise on more complex projects, such as the configuration of cloud or automation services. We’ll be ready to assist whenever your in-house IT team needs us, ensuring you resolve the issue speedily.

Do I need to be at my computer when contacting the help desk?

Not necessarily. You can contact the IT help desk from any device. However, being at your computer can be helpful, as the support technician might need you to perform specific actions or provide information about what you see on your screen to diagnose and resolve the issue effectively and efficiently.

Is remote IT help desk support available for off site workers?

Yes, we offer remote IT help desk support for off site workers. Our skilled IT technicians are equipped to assist with a wide range of technical issues remotely, ensuring that your offsite employees receive prompt and efficient IT support. Through remote access tools and effective communication channels, we can troubleshoot problems, provide guidance and resolve IT issues without the need for an on-site visit, maximising productivity and minimising downtime for your remote workforce.

Will my project be assigned a dedicated IT technician?

In some cases, particularly for large or complex projects, a dedicated IT technician or even a team of technicians might be assigned. This can ensure that there is deep familiarity with the project and that issues can be handled promptly and effectively.

On the other hand, for smaller projects, its best for issues to be handled by the first available technician. This can sometimes lead to less familiarity with the project, but rest assured TechBrain has robust systems in place for sharing information about ongoing issues and projects amongst all our staff and have a large team of qualified technicians on-hand to deliver excellent response times.

What hours is your help desk service available?

Our IT Help Desk service is available for a dedicated 10 hours each day 7:00 am to 5:00pm, providing continuous support during peak business hours. For issues that arise outside of these standard hours, rest assured that additional assistance is also accessible. We strive to ensure that you receive prompt, effective help whenever you need it, enabling your operations to proceed without unnecessary disruptions.


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