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Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    For over 3 years TechBrain has been proudly supporting On My Feet, a 100% volunteer run Perth based international ACNC registered not-for-profit helping to provide self worth, a sense of purpose and pathways to self sufficiency for those at risk of or dealing with homelessness. You may have seen reference to it in our email signatures.

    Our support is possible because you’ve chosen to partner with TechBrain. We’d like to say thank you from us and on behalf of On My Feet.

    We’d also like to provide you with a little detail on some of the great work done by On My Feet. They provide a hand up, instead of a handout, by engaging members of the homeless community in regular exercise, providing them with volunteering leadership opportunities and work experience where possible. On My Feet creates a network of friendly support and positive reinforcement by helping members set regular goals and assisting towards achieving them. Sometimes the goal involves running around the local park and sometimes it is much, much more. Last year for example, 7 people completed marathons in Perth, Melbourne or Cape Town. Many are now employed and living independently.

    We’d like to introduce you to one of our newest participants – Dave.

    Meet Dave

    Age: 54
    Joined OMF: August 2018
    Hometown: Goomaling, Western Australia
    Favourite exercise: Star jumps
    Favourite music: Kiss, Queen, ACDC and Foreigner
    What does being part of On My Feet mean to you? Being part of On My Feet means taking care of myself, physically and mentally… and having a laugh with my mates.

    Dave has made dramatic lifestyle changes since he joined On My Feet! He is now more aware of his diet and nutritious intake. He checks the sugar content of products before buying them and is generally feeling healthier and more energised.

    Follow his footsteps and be proud of yourself. 



    If you’d like to learn more, please visit or email [email protected]. Thank you again for partnering with TechBrain and supporting On My Feet.

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