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Microsoft Teams – Your Gateway to Instant Collaboration

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Ever worked on a project and wished your colleagues could add their feedback directly to your work? Ever yearned for an office environment that is truly inclusive and collaborative? Well, wish no more because Microsoft Teams offers you all that and so much more! Forming part of the Office 365 suite, for clients who have this, Microsoft Teams is available at no additional cost.

    Optimise your company’s communication

    With technology’s rapid pace, thousands of new work programs and ever increasing tech trends, it’s hard to keep a handle on it all. Over and above the constant improvement in technology and the added pressure of being “on” all the time, the need for clear and fast communication becomes that more important.

    Communication needs to be instant, sharing and feedback need to happen simultaneously and decisions need to be made faster. This can all be done with Microsoft Teams where collaboration is key, communication happens easily and you save your company so much time in the long run.

    Think about it? If your staff work through projects faster, gain momentum quicker and make decisions more easily, what is your payoff? You have a more inclusive workforce who are empowered by cooperation, who can work on-the-go, and join meetings from almost anywhere. Apart from gearing your staff to work better, you also enhance their work capability and give them freedom and convenience to work from anywhere.

    Easy to integrate

    There’s no hassle in enhancing your company communication. Microsoft Teams integrates easily with other Microsoft Tools like Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Forms. This gives your staff one hub from which to access all the tools they require.

    Staff will be able to have meetings; group conversations around trending topics; direct message; and share documents, processes and images, all in one shared workspace. In addition, it’s easy to access from desktops, laptops, tablets and even your mobile.

    Create a project team

    With Microsoft Teams it is quick and easy to engage with your fellow colleagues no matter where you are in the world. Enjoy the convenience of having one central space where everyone works from and changes are instant for all to see.

    Collaborate with up to 100 team members within your company or externally, and make headway on your projects faster. Easier communication results in faster results and greater company efficiency in the long run. It also supports 3rd party plugins heightening its capability. Companies can plug-in to programs like Zendesk, Asana, Sapho, Wiki, and Dropbox to name a few.

    Immediate decisions with video conferencing

    Video calling is a company imperative to increasing international relations. With technology advancements over the years, working and sharing business ideas with international companies has become almost seamless. All you need is a strong enough internet connection and you’re ready to take your business further. With video calling, you can also share your screen with your colleagues aiding your communication efficiency and making everyone feel more inclusive; ultimately getting the best results from your meeting.

    Instant collaboration with team rooms

    With any company you have different departments concentrating on diverse projects at any given time. Microsoft Teams gives you the freedom to create different rooms for individual projects. You can combine different teams into a room and make cross-functioning and collaboration easier than ever before.

    Make that move to getting better company collaboration and faster decision-making. TechBrain will show you how!