Use Microsoft Teams to Ensure Everyone is On the Same Page

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Helping your people escape group email hell, Microsoft Teams is a messaging and collaboration tool that is tightly integrated into Office 365 so it’s always at your fingertips.

    There’s much more to messaging apps than simply swapping the latest emojis and cute GIFs. Business-grade messaging platforms are designed to streamline communications and make it easy to collaborate, whether your team is spread around your office or across the world.

    While Slack is certainly a heavy-hitter in the business messaging space, the advantage of Microsoft Teams is that it’s now enabled by default in Office 365. It tightly integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook as well as Skype for Business, which is also a free inclusion with most Office 365 plans.

    The beauty of Microsoft Teams is that you can create multiple teams, with multiple channels, to ensure it’s easy for your people to access everything they need without bombarding them with unnecessary communications. Users also have granular control over notifications to help fine-tune Microsoft Teams, helping them reduce interruptions and remain productive.

    The real power of Microsoft Teams shines through when combined with Skype for Business, which can be used for chat, voice and video conferencing as well as screen sharing.

    Australian Microsoft Teams users recently gained access to PSTN conference functionality, letting you tie it into the traditional phone system. This means ā€“ for a very low flat monthly fee ā€“ you can add a conference bridge to Skype for Business. It’s perfect for businesses with international conferencing requirements, delivering exceptional functionality for a fraction of what you might pay a telco or an international conferencing service.

    Microsoft has also rolled out new communication features since the original preview release, including audio calling from mobile devices and video on Android, which is also coming to iOS and Windows Phone.

    If you’re sick of playing phone tag and getting lost in email threads, Microsoft Teams offers the perfect way to whip your team into shape.

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