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The centralised services function is the second of four service delivery areas with the TechBrain managed service offering. The TechBrain centralised services function is one of the ways in which we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. The essence of the centralised services role is to identify high impact issues for the client, especially those that are recurring so that you don’t have to continue dealing with the same issues and being exposed to the same risks, week in, week out. We have IT specialists in Perth who have the knowledge and curiosity to solve even the most complex problems.

What is IT centralisation?

IT centralisation refers to the process of consolidating all of your organisation’s technology resources to simplify administrative tasks, cut costs, increase security, and enable your employees to manage data easier. This is a complicated process that requires careful planning and design.


Similarly, our centralised IT services are all about enabling you to trust one team of technicians to take care of some of the main issues bothering you. TechBrain has created centralised IT services as a specific role because we feel that distributing these tasks leads to inconsistency, and not covering them leads to inefficiency.

Reasons not to hire multiple IT service companies

Business owners who don’t use any type of IT services usually just leave the technology problems to the most tech-savvy person at the company. On the other hand, there are business owners who hire multiple IT service companies for various projects and support. TechBrain has created our centralised IT solutions service specifically so that organisations can hire one company to do all of their tech maintenance.

We offer our services for a flat monthly fee. Some people wonder why they should pay for IT service each month when they can simply call a technician to fix the problems they’re currently experiencing for a one-time payment. Here are the main reasons why you should rely on our centralised IT services instead of using multiple IT vendors:

  • Instead of just strengthening your cybersecurity, we will constantly monitor your network to identify any potential threats and prevent them from causing damage to your system. If you want to make a one-time payment for security assessment, you won’t get this type of support.
  • We will regularly update your software to ensure all of your employees are using the latest versions of their business applications.
  • We will come up with plans to improve your IT infrastructure. We can also notify you on time when you should replace certain hardware components.
  • You’ll never have to wait a long time to reach our IT support agents. We’re a centralised IT services company that guarantees a prompt response to our clients.

The centralised IT services we provide

Our Centralised Services function focuses on automation, as well as tools for deployment and maintenance. Our IT experts in Australia provide centralised IT services to optimise the following tasks:

  • Patch management
  • Monitoring and remote support
  • Data migration
  • Automated maintenance
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud management
  • Desktop optimisation
  • Support for desktop computers, laptops, servers, smartphones and tablets

Benefits of our centralised IT solutions

Regardless of the industry you’re in, there’s a good chance one of your employees knows a thing or two about technology. Business owners who can’t afford to hire IT staff often delegate tech tasks to the most qualified person at the company. However, doing this can lead to a number of problems down the road. If you’re not careful your hardware may break down or someone may steal or leak your data accidentally. When it comes to anything IT-related, you should always leave the complicated tasks to qualified technicians.

  1. Minimal downtime. Let’s say that you wanted to update your software. If you were simply to do it in the middle of the day, your staff wouldn’t be able to work and your customers wouldn’t be able to use your services. That’s why you need someone with the knowledge to update software with minimal downtime. And that’s exactly what our IT experts can do for you.
  2. Promptly fixed IT problems. As a centralised IT services company, we offer remote IT support to our clients. Our technicians will monitor your infrastructure to prevent IT issues on time. In case you experience any problems, we’ll help you solve it over the phone. Our experts will give you detailed instructions to fix any problem related to your network or equipment.
  3. Your data will be safe. A lot of business owners would be in a very bad position if they were to lose some of their valuable data stored on their hardware. Natural disasters like thunderstorms, floods, and fires and cause you to lose your data. That’s why we provide data backup services to our clients. We can store your valuable information both offsite and on the cloud. In case your hardware gets damaged before you back up your data, we can help you with our data recovery services.
  4. Your devices will work perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you have problems with your desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone; you can give our IT experts in Perth the device and they’ll promptly fix it for you. TechBrain employees are trained to fix both hardware and software equipment for different types of devices.
  5. Efficiency within your organisation will improve. We have several different ways to improve efficiency within your organisation. When we resolve all existing issues with your infrastructure, your employees’ productivity will increase because their equipment will be running perfectly. Another way to boost efficiency at your firm is through cloud computing. If we migrate all of your data to the cloud, all the applications you use will work better.

What’s better than not having to worry about IT problems? If you use our centralised IT services, you can focus on your work and leave the tech stuff to us. Our IT experts in Perth will work until your infrastructure is in perfect shape. In the event of a disaster or hacker attack, they’re trained to protect your network and data.

Would you like to know more about our centralised IT solutions? Contact us today to find out how our services can help your company!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use TechBrain for centralised IT services?
We have been successfully operating our company since 2002 with a focus on providing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients work in various different industries, including manufacturing, engineering, and architecture. Years of experience have enabled us to offer centralised IT solutions to companies in Australia. We’ll put in the effort to really get to know your business before providing our services. This will help us implement specific solutions that will enable you to meet your business needs.
Why do you charge a monthly fee for centralised IT solutions?
At Techbrain, we believe that IT services are an ongoing action. Each month, we can come up with new ways to improve your infrastructure. Our technicians dedicate a lot of their time to monitoring different networks and making sure that our clients don’t have any problems with their equipment. We’ll regularly update your software and replace hardware components that are in bad shape. Keeping your technology environment operating at an optimal level is our primary focus. We also back up data for our clients frequently. That means that you’ll have access to your valuable information even in the event of a disaster.
What are the benefits of cloud computing?
Cloud computing is one of the most popular centralised IT services that we offer to our clients. There are a number of benefits of migrating to the cloud. Cost savings is among the top reasons why business owners switch to cloud computing. Your costs depend on the server and infrastructure capacity required for your company. Your valuable data will also be more secure on the cloud. The cloud host does regular monitoring to ensure hackers don’t steal information. Another great thing about cloud computing is that your employees will be able to access their files and locations regardless of where they are. All they need to access the data is an internet connection. This solution is a great idea if you have remote teams within your organisation.

Our centralised IT solutions offer multiple benefits to small and medium-sized business owners! If you’d like to know more about how our services can help your organisation, contact us.

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