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About TechBrain’s Managed IT Services

In today’s ever-evolving technology landscape, managing both a physical and virtual environment is becoming more necessary for businesses to compete in the modern marketplace. As a result, many businesses struggle to keep up with the challenge of managing their IT environment effectively while maintaining focus on the day-to-day running of their company.

Employees are devoted to tasks that take longer and cost more than they should due to the company’s lack of experience in IT installation and management.
TechBrain is an expert Managed IT Support Perth-based team that removes the frustration from IT for businesses. We carefully analyse each company’s individual needs, responding with up-to-date management, consultations, and technology solutions and IT services in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

At TechBrain, we provide:

  • A flexible managed IT services Perth-based program that’s tailored to your organisation and specific business requirements.
  • The latest technology solutions to monitor your operations, including your software and hardware technology
  • The latest in data hacking prevention and virus response
  • Modern communication systems services that make your business, no matter how small or large, a fierce competitor in today’s technology-focused industries.
  • We keep your business on track, maximising productivity and efficiency while minimising the risks associated with managing your own IT systems.
An IT partner’s expertise is instrumental in the institution and management of a profitable IT infrastructure. TechBrain has serviced hundreds of businesses of various sizes and from many different industries. For managed IT support in Perth, TechBrain’s technology solutions lead the industry in affordable, efficient solutions to the stresses of IT management and the risks to personal data and productivity associated with self-managed IT systems. Our experienced, qualified professionals promise dependable results – no matter the size of your company, your current needs, or your plans for the future of your IT infrastructure.

Why Does My Business in Perth Need Managed IT Services?

Inhouse IT support can be expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming. Employees who could be working towards your company’s needs and in the service of your clients could be wasting time on IT problems that actually need the expertise of a qualified managed IT support company By wasting valuable company time on these problems, you are not only lowering productivity, but you may be reducing the efficiency of your company as a whole. Ineffective IT solutions lose your business time, resources, and money. The stress and risks associated with the self-management of IT systems can be avoided with a company experienced in managed IT services – easily and affordably. At TechBrain, we provide fixed-price managed IT services and solutions in Perth, with industry-leading response times and ongoing monitoring. We ensure the reliability of key IT systems that improve the efficiency and profitability of your business. Our IT managed services team specialises in on-site consultations, installations, and ongoing monitoring and management. We take care to explain the business impact of your technology choices so that you can make informed, knowledge-based decisions at all times. We value our personal relationships with our clients above all else. That’s why our primary goal is to provide the most individualised solutions possible to your IT management needs. Our range of IT managed services are delivered by experienced specialists to ensure that your systems are always in safe hands. We stake our reputation on the fact that we’ll always deliver the best:
  • IT solutions
  • ICT professional services
  • Account Management
  • Project Management
  • Cybersecurity solutions, and
  • Network monitoring for your business – all while providing unbeatable customer service!
Our industry-leading Net Promoter Score and Google Review Score speak for themselves. We offer the honest reviews of our past clients as a testament to our devotion to your company, your brand profile, and your individual IT services plan.

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

There are several potential problems with self-managing an IT solution. You may be wasting time on services you don’t need, or relying on inefficient or outdated technology. You may be completely unaware of the latest in innovative solutions to IT management problems, data protection, and communication. TechBrain’s qualified IT support simplifies the complex processes involved in managed IT services. We ensure we understand exactly how your business works, so we can provide the ideal solutions. Only through this transparency can we continue to offer the quality managed IT support that we’ve brought to Perth for 15 years of practice. Our managed IT support is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, with the very latest and most appropriate technologies. We create documented workflows and establish efficient and streamlined processes in your company. You deserve the most proactive managed services! That’s why TechBrain’s managed IT support is devoted to:
  • Providing individualised, strategic advice
  • Offering the latest solutions in hardware, software, data processing, and management, and
  • Resolving your problems – on your terms and in your timeframe.


The real cost of IT to your company is a lot more than just the installations and services you run. It’s also the losses that come from relying on ineffective products and processes. Excesses of downtime due to faulty IT management (and the subsequent losses of productivity, efficiency, and morale that go with it) cost substantially more to your company than simply the price of the hardware and software you use. Your profitability and productivity are our main concerns, with the goal of providing you the best services to prevent valuable company time from being wasted. Some of the biggest culprits include time spent installing new servers, relying on outdated hardware, or when self-managed IT services stop working because of hackers or inefficient infrastructure. Our consultations are tailor-made to your company’s individual needs. We know that some clients want us to work quietly in the background, taking the stress off your own management. Our service allows you to get on with running your business, secure in the knowledge that the integrity and efficiency of your IT systems are taken care of. Some businesses prefer direct consultation, and for our services to remain hands-on. These companies want to take full advantage of our specialists’ tested expertise in giving their technology solutions a competitive advantage in profitability and application. We work with each company differently to make sure that our expertise works for YOU, your business, your customers, and your employees. By utilising our managed IT services, you will quickly notice:
  • Optimised efficiency in the operations of your company
  • Time saved from the hassle of self-managed IT solutions, and
  • Innovative solutions that successfully merge your physical and virtual environments into a more productive and profitable whole.


Unfortunately, cyber-attacks on small to medium-sized enterprises continue to rise in number year after year. This is because criminals know that smaller enterprises are less likely to have a dedicated IT security team in place, or the right products and services in place to protect their employee and company data. Larger enterprises may be perceived as being more protected – but they too are at risk. Because they deal with many more clients and employees, much more data, and a much more public reputation, they have just as much need for the latest protection. With TechBrain’s experienced managed IT support, you can greatly reduce the risk of hacking and data loss associated with faulty or self-installed IT infrastructure. No matter the size of your company, or the industry in which you operate. Our security specialists at TechSure, created by TechBrain for the needs of its managed security services, will assist you in all facets of data protection and security. TechSure is a security audit developed by TechBrain to combine a range of industry security standards and vendor best-practices, with the aim of identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in an organisation’s environment. From cloud and managed security servers, to security infrastructure and data protection, we’ve got you covered. Instead of wasting valuable company time on security checks and data hacks, our managed IT security solutions prevent, detect, and respond to those threats for you. We offer 24/7 monitoring services with the latest software updates and data patches for continuous protection and support. Our regular, comprehensive cyber vulnerability assessments consist of many features that will help keep your company and employees safe. Some of these include:
  • Backup and archive procedures
  • Regular updates and security patches
  • Threat containment, and unified threat management. We identify and prevent risks to your security through our continuous management and monitoring of your status.
This leaves you the valuable time you need to service your customers, manage your staff, and maintain the same standards of brand value and consumer trust on which your business was built. We at TechBrain pride ourselves in being credible, but we pride ourselves in maintaining your credibility even more!


Our expert consultants are committed to offering advanced and effective IT management solutions for businesses in Perth of all kinds. Often we are called in when disaster has already struck. Whether you need reliable assistance with a data breach that has already happened, or simply want to improve the performance of your IT system going forward, TechBrain offers the support you need. Let our expert team take charge of your company’s technological efficiency to protect you, your employees, and your customers. Unlike foreign service providers, TechBrain has experienced consultants in Perth devoted to understanding how your business operates. We take the time to form personal relationships with you and your staff, which allows us to offer you tailor-made IT solutions. We make the effort to extensively explore your business history, brand identity, and customer relations so that we know your goals – and can make them our goals too. Our aim is to promote trust through our managed IT services with bespoke IT infrastructure solutions. We want to give you solutions that you can rely on. Solutions that harness the latest innovative technologies to maximise your company’s efficiency and profitability. In short, we hope to take as much stress off of you and your people as possible! We hope to identify risks well before they become a danger to your data and your company’s time. Even if the worst has already happened and your systems have been compromised, we’re ready to assist. In the event of a hack, ransomware attack or catastrophic data loss, we can manage your response so your company can get back on its feet in as little time as possible. For managed IT services in Perth, TechBrain has been working to give you the best and most personal solutions in IT management since 2002. All of our consultants have at least three years of experience in the field, and are devoted to confronting your individual IT challenges.

Our Technology Solutions

At TechBrain, we offer managed IT services in Perth, WA, with a wide range of the latest technology solutions to modernise your IT department. Our managed IT solutions service your company with the latest in information technology, security, and consulting solutions. TechBrain offers the latest services to create a custom-built plan for your company’s needs. These services include: Centralised Services:
  • We install and deploy an automated service in your IT department that protects you from viruses, malware, and spam.
  • We keep your backups and data recovery tools up to date.
  • We ensure that your user interfaces are optimised, and supported with the latest software updates and monitoring technology.
Our IT Security Service offers coverage for personal data breaches in accordance with the new Privacy and Data Protection Act.
  • We make sure that you have a data breach response plan that is effective in today’s fast-paced virtual environment.
  • We roll out a regular system of employee education to ensure that every member of your team is aware of the latest scamming tactics – and prepared to detect and avoid them.
  • We install a state-of-the-art encrypted server that protects your data in-house, over networks, and on all your company’s mobile and laptop devices.
Cloud Computing is another modern advantage supplied and managed by the team at TechBrain’s IT management services. Rather than waste money on huge computing services that take up space and require increased management, cloud computing allows you to access web servers for powerful, on-demand data storage, processors, and backup networks. TechBrain provides you access to these applications no matter where you are. This allows our clients to save thousands of dollars on expensive IT infrastructure, all while propelling your company’s technological profile into the modern age. Benefit from advanced data recovery systems, automatic software updates, and 24/7 access to all the documents and applications that you and your team need, wherever you happen to be. This comes with reduced costs and reduced risks to you and your employees’ data profile across the board. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is another solution included in TechBrain’s managed IT services. This service gives you the hardware and software needed to process your communication signals digitally, rather than through a traditional phone service. This means that wherever you are, the VoIP system gives you an edge in clear and convenient communication with clients and other companies. We offer this protocol as a personalised solution to communication problems with traditional phone services, tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses in the modern, tech-focused modern age of business communication.

Additional Services

Our Response Team is the first point of contact between our firm and your company. These highly trained experts concentrate on reactive and proactive desktop support, including:
  • Monitoring the security and proper functioning of software and email accounts
  • Escalating issues of privacy and data management where necessary
  • Ensuring that your organisation is secure and that your anti-virus protocols are up-to-date
These are the people with whom your company will foster a personal relationship, so that the first line of defence between you and potential breaches is a team of people that you already trust. This saves time, hassle and frustration because they are already familiar with the individual needs of your company, and the personnel with whom they will be working. Project Management Our team of expert IT project consultants is likewise at your disposal in attaining your organisation’s goals. Over the years we’ve assisted hundreds of businesses and government entities with various applications, including:
  • Migration of operating systems, applications and data
  • Implementation of cloud solutions
  • Rollout of critical infrastructure, and many more
Account Management Our experienced account managers work closely with you, learning the ins and outs of your business so they can offer personalised advice. Your account manager will become your go-to contact at TechBrain, with in-depth knowledge of your IT systems. They will assist you with:
  • Finding innovative, effective solutions to your unique challenges and IT projects, and
  • Building tailored systems that improve your competitiveness and efficiency
Network administration is a proactive service that is constantly working on core aspects of your IT environment to:
  • Eliminate reactive issues
  • Improve your internal processes, and
  • Identify and resolve costly technical risks. Through it, we strive to decrease the time it takes to resolve your issues and drive up profitability as a result.
Virtual CIO is a technology-planning and IT consulting service that includes understanding your strategic objectives, as well as the core leadership and management functions that will help to maximise the productivity and efficiency you enjoy from your technology. We focus on technical alignment, balancing an understanding of your current needs with our knowledge of the broad strategic goals of the whole business.

Service Delivery Areas

We offer IT managed services in Perth and across Western Australia in the following suburbs:
Alexander Heights IT Managed Services Alfred Cove Alkimos Anketell Applecross Ardross Armadale Ascot Ashby Ashendon Ashfield Attadale Atwell Aubin Grove Aveley Bailup Balcatta Baldivis Balga Ballajura Banjup Banksia Grove Baskerville Bassendean Bateman Bayswater Beaconsfield Beckenham Bedford Bedfordale Beechboro Beechina Beeliar Beldon Belhus Bellevue Belmont Bentley Bennett Springs Bertram Bibra Lake Bickley Bicton Booragoon Boya Brabham Brentwood Brigadoon Brookdale Bull Creek Bullsbrook Burns Beach Burswood Butler Byford Calista Camillo Canning Mills Canning Vale Cannington Carabooda Cardup Carine Carlisle Carmel Carramar Casuarina Caversham Champion Lakes Chidlow Churchlands City Beach Claremont Clarkson Cloverdale Cockburn Central Como Connolly Coogee Coolbellup Coolbinia Cooloongup Cottesloe Craigie Crawley Cullacabardee Currambine Daglish Dalkeith Darch Darling Downs
Darlington Dayton Dianella Doubleview Duncraig East Cannington East Fremantle East Perth East Rockingham East Victoria Park Eden Hill Edgewater Eglinton Ellenbrook Embleton Ferndale Floreat Forrestdale Forrestfield Fremantle Gidgegannup Girrawheen Glen Forrest Glendalough Gnangara Golden Bay Gooseberry Hill Gorrie Gosnells Greenmount Greenwood Guildford Gwelup Hacketts Gully Hamersley Hamilton Hill Hammond Park Harrisdale Haynes Hazelmere Heathridge Helena Valley Henderson Henley Brook Herdsman Herne Hill High Wycombe Highgate Hilbert Hillarys Hillman Hilton Hocking Hope Valley Hopelandv Hovea Huntingdale Garden Island Iluka Inglewood Innaloo Jandabup Jandakot Jane Brook Jarrahdale Jindalee Jolimont Joondalup Joondanna Kalamunda Kallaroo Karawara Kardinya Karnup Karragullen Karrakatta Karrakup Karrinyup Kelmscott Kensington Kenwick Keralup Kewdale Keysbrook Kiara Kingsley Kinross Koondoola Koongamia Kwinana Beach
Kwinana Town Centre Landsdale Langford Lathlain Leda Leederville Leeming Lesmurdie Lexia Lockridge Lynwood Maddington Madeley Mahogany Creek Maida Vale Malaga Mandogalup Manning Marangaroo Mardella Mariginiup Marmion Martin Maylands Medina Melaleuca Melville Menora Merriwa Middle Swan Midland Midvale Millendon Mindarie Mirrabooka Morley Mosman Park Mount Claremont Mount Hawthorn Mount Helena Mount Lawley Mount Nasura Mount Pleasant Mount Richon Mullaloo Mundaring Mundijong Munster Murdoch Myaree Naval Base Nedlands Neerabup Nollamara Noranda North Beach North Coogee North Fremantle North Lake North Perth Northbridge Nowergup Oakford Ocean Reef O’Connor Oldbury Orange Grove Orelia Osborne Park Padbury Palmyra Parkerville Parkwood Parmelia Paulls Valley Pearsall Peppermint Grove Peron Perth City Perth Airport Piara Waters Pickering Brook Piesse Brook Pinjar Port Kennedy Postans Queens Park
Quinns Rocks Red Hill Redcliffe Reservoir Ridgewood Riverton Rivervale Rockingham Roleystone Rottnest Island Rossmoyne Safety Bay Salter Point Samson Sawyers Valley Scarborough Secret Harbour Serpentine Seville Grove Shelley Shenton Park Shoalwater Sinagra Singleton Sorrento South Fremantle South Guildford South Lake South Perth Southern River Spearwood St James Stirling Stoneville Stratton Subiaco Success Swan View Swanbourne Tamala Park Tapping The Lakes The Spectacles The Vines Thornlie Treeby Trigg Tuart Hill Two Rocks Upper Swan Valley Ridge Victoria Park Viveash Waikiki Walliston Wandi Wangara Wanneroo Warnbro Warwick Waterford Watermans Bay Wattle Grove Wattleup Wellard Welshpool Wembley Downs Wembley West Leederville West Perth West Swan Westminster Whitby White Gum Valley Whiteman Willagee Willetton Wilson Winthrop Woodbridge Woodlands Woodvale Wooroloo Wungong Yanchep Yangebup Yokine

A Word from One of Our Valued Clients

“An absolute star. Consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Above and beyond. What a fantastic experience it was working on this phone project.” – Local Government Sector Client
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What is a managed IT service provider?
In order to improve operational efficiency and profitability, your company can outsource your IT services to the professionals at TechBrain. Through consultation, installation, and continued monitoring and response, our managed IT service providers will give you the most efficient IT system to suit your company’s needs. We monitor your data flow, respond to potential security threats, and keep your company’s virtual infrastructure up-to-date with the newest solutions and security patches. This way, we can guarantee you solutions that will keep your data safe, keep your virtual processes efficient, and maximise the time you can spend on other aspects of your company.
Does TechBrain offer managed IT services for SMEs as well as large businesses and corporations?
TechBrain analyses your individual IT requirements, taking into account your budget, time frame, and goals. We pride ourselves in offering managed IT services to large enterprises, as well as SMEs who are often more vulnerable to breaches in security, and in greater need of functionality advancements. No matter the size of your business, TechBrain is devoted to improving the profitability, efficiency, and functionality of your IT systems, as well as the productivity and morale of your employees, no matter how few.
Which industries do TechBrain’s managed IT services support?
TechBrain has provided IT managed service solutions to 100s of clients in dozens of industries. These range from corporate entities to non-profit and local government organisations with staff that range from 10 to 200 people.
Will TechBrain respond to IT problems on-site?
At TechBrain, we pride ourselves on fostering in-person relationships with companies and their staff in Perth. We provide on-site solutions and guidance to your team to build trust and understanding between your company and TechBrain’s experienced consultants. In this way, we hope to give you the most personalised and effective solutions to your IT management needs, and maintain an ongoing relationship between our monitoring and response teams and your staff.
Why choose TechBrain over another IT service provider?
Unlike overseas consulting firms, TechBrain offers tailor-made solutions to all your IT management problems. We’re based in Perth, and experienced in servicing its local industries. Our qualified consultants devote the time necessary to form personal relationships with you and your staff. We’re keen to learn the ins and outs of your business, so that the solutions and strategies we provide are as effective as possible in solving your individual IT management needs.
Will TechBrain’s IT support replace my company’s internal IT department?
TechBrain will work with your internal IT department to give it the best guidance, systems infrastructure, and technology solutions available. Our business is keeping your business running as smoothly as possible. We don’t replace your staff: we trust, aid, and improve them. If you would prefer, however, we’re happy to manage every aspect of your IT on your behalf. The choice is yours!
Does TechBrain offer different plans?
Our experienced consultants evaluate the needs of your company to create a personality IT management plan to suit your size, activity, and history. We offer many technology solutions, services, and packages in the belief that no two companies are the same, so their IT solutions shouldn’t be either.

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