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    Pictured: On My Feet Founder and Chairman Keegan Crage with fellow Directors John Worsfold, John Inverarity and Ayden Doohan



    In the three months since our last newsletter about On My Feet (OMF) participants in the inaugural Footsteps Program have made terrific progress. Through the ongoing support of organisations like TechBrain, OMF’s participants have experienced quantifiable improvements in their physical, mental and emotional health. Some have gained employment, while others have made significant progress towards self sufficiency. This is a result of the weekly workshops that focus on strength profiling, interview skills, communication skills, sleep, diet, cooking, job readiness, personal presentation, and volunteer experience; at the same time as training them to participate in the 2019 Melbourne Marathon.

    As a result of the personal individual successes, the not-for-profit organisation has been receiving media attention with SBS flying a producer to Perth for an interview with On My Feet’s founder Keegan Crage. The interview became the centerpiece of The Few Who Do, a podcast that features Australians with big ambitions advocating for change and tackling society’s big issues.

    Find the episode on iTunes or click the link below to listen:


    Footsteps Program Participant Fitness Testing

    Fitness testing in a controlled environment is ideal for getting a baseline and with the involvement of Notre Dame University OMF have been able to identify some terrific improvements in BMI, resting heart rate and beep test performance. But what about on the road, in the elements? OMF have been lucky enough to take part in many formal events in recent months, such as the OMFG Marathon created in partnership with Ultra Series WA and the Chevron City2Surf. All participants entered and completed these races, which is a massive achievement.


    WATCH: Footsteps Program Participant Fitness Testing



    While awareness of On My Feet is spreading, its operations are also expanding. OMF recently launched a Sydney Chapter in Darlinghurst and based on the success of this year’s Perth Footsteps Program, the Melbourne branch will be launching a Footsteps Program in November. Watch this space!

    Thank you again for partnering with TechBrain and supporting On My Feet.

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