Personal Data Policy and Data Breach Response

Personal Data Policy

With changes to the Privacy and Data Protection Act to include the mandatory data breach notification scheme, it is critical that organisations not only have a Personal Data Protection Policy, but a Breach Response Plan in place.

Think you’re covered already?

Here are some questions you should be able to answer “Yes” to:
  • 1. Do you have a formal Privacy and Personal Data Policy approved by management and communicated to staff
  • 2. Do you provide annual training to employees accessing personal data
  • 3. Do you monitor to ensure compliance with laws and regulations relating to personal data
  • 4. Have your personal data practices been audited by an independent in the last 2 years
  • 5. Have you put in place a Data Breach Response plan and educated employees accordingly
  • 6. Is personal data access restricted to those who need it to perform a task
  • 7. Do you encrypt stored personal data and personal data backups
  • 8. Is personal data encrypted when transferred over the network
  • 9. Are mobile devices and laptop hard drives encrypted
  • 10. Does your internet security policy prohibit the copying of non-encrypted personal data to removable storage devices or transferring them by email
  • 11. And finally, do you have a formal Breach Response Plan

TechBrain can work with you to develop a Corporate Policy for Protecting Personal Information and a Response Plan in case there is a breach.


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