Business Growth and Sale Opportunity

An Opportunity Like No Other…

No Upfront Joining Fee
No on going fee on existing revenue
Guaranteed exit strategy at attractive multiple
Group buying and centralised help desk, HR and administration function on a shared cost model
Structured, strategic investment in the ongoing growth of your business

Is This You?

Are you an existing profitable operator who currently finds themselves with one or more of the following issues:

  1. Operating in a fragmented market.
  2. Little support (it’s lonely being the boss!).
  3. Difficulty increasing net profit margins.
  4. Without a true unique selling proposition.
  5. Working excessive hours on a “break fix” basis.
  6. Constantly running around putting out fires which creates operational bottlenecks and increases stress.
  7. Limited time to proactively generate new leads and consequently relying almost entirely on referrals and word of mouth.
  8. Reducing profits per engineer as you have grown
  9. HR and recruitment problems
  10. Uncertainty around billing rates and contracts
  11. Internal systems that are struggling to scale with your business
  12. Insufficient budget to hire senior and specialist staff
  13. No clear exit strategy to sell the business.
  14. No assistance in growing profits in the lead up to a sale of the business.
  15. The likelihood of selling via a business broker resulting in a relatively low multiple of earnings.

This Is Your Solution

TechBrain is inviting carefully selected business operators to address those issues by joining a network that, once the network reaches critical mass, would be sold in to a new entity via an asset sale and subsequently taken to a trade sale or ASX listing so as to facilitate the purchase of each business.
TechBrain Is Offering:
  1. A strategy that proposes to buy your business at a guaranteed multiple of profits that, at an average of 4.5x normalised earnings before interest and tax, is in excess of the rate you would likely receive via a business broker.
  2. Assistance in growing your business prior to completing a full sale.
  3. The ability to retain control in the meantime.

A Success Story

Founded in 2002, TechBrain is a successful, profitable organisation with a vision to be:

The Most Trusted SME IT Support Department In Australia

Following a change of ownership in 2015 the business invested heavily in growth and development. As a result of our unique approach we have enjoyed the following highlights:

Service revenue more than doubled (between calendar year 2016 and 2018)

2018 Customer retention of 100% (based on service agreement clients)

2018 Staff retention of 95% (based on voluntary resignations)

Industry Leading Net Promoter Score of 85 (based on over 315 customer reviews)

Now we want to share our secrets with you to help you grow your business before giving you the opportunity to sell at an attractive multiple of earnings.

Reasons For Success

TechBrain with its distinctive logo, is well established, enjoying loyal client relationships as a result of unique market place points of difference. TechBrain has a proven, successful business system with effective controls and a clear vision for the future. There are a number of factors behind the success of this company. In addition to a clear vision, a strong social purpose and a highly targeted integrated marketing and communications strategy it has developed intricate, but easy to operate, systems of management and control.

Most importantly, TechBrain has enjoyed success because it puts its employees and customers at the centre of everything it does by focusing relentlessly on the culture it creates and the core values it lives by.


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