Custom Software Development

Developing software tailored to your business.

Custom software development is often useful for companies that have unique business processes that aren’t easily mapped to specific existing technology products. We develop software tailored to your business.

This can be a very effective approach provided it’s properly planned, including having the necessary foresight to question the business needs as it grows. Our team has spent the past 14 years crafting custom software and would love the opportunity to work with you to solve a specific business process problem.

Typically, we leverage existing quality software products wherever possible, such as Magento and ATG for eCommerce, or SharePoint, Drupal and Adobe for content management.

However, for unique ideas and business models, it can sometimes be more effective to start from scratch. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who would like to develop the next Spotify, Uber or Dropbox, or you operate an organisation that needs to improve operational efficiency through software that removes bottlenecks and provides data for enhanced decision-making, we can partner with you to achieve the right outcome.

We approach custom software development in a modular fashion. We build out custom components where necessary, then we reduce your risk, implementation cost and project timeframe by seamlessly integrating existing products.

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Software Development Process


Identify the main business processes the technology needs to support

Save Time & Money

Define any off-the-shelf applications that will save time and money

Custom Modules

Develop each of the custom modules, ensuring they are built around existing business processes

Custom Applications

Integrate off-the-shelf and custom applications

Platform’s Features

Over time, develop the platform’s features as the business evolves, customer needs change, and the market matures

Do the following questions sound like you? If so, TechBrain can help:

  • Are you looking to develop new software that you can commercialise on a monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis?
  • Do you need to extend the existing functionality of your current business software without having to redo everything from the beginning?
  • Does your business use a range of applications and technology stacks resulting in duplication, lost data or wasted time?

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