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Boost Your IT Security With WatchGuard

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Whatever size your business, it deserves an enterprise-grade WatchGuard IT security solution. IT Support Perth firm TechBrain offers such a solution.

    There’s no silver bullet when it comes to IT security. The threat landscape is always in flux as new challenges arise. This is why IT Support Perth firm TechBrain incorporates IT security options that employ layers of defences working in unison, rather than putting all your eggs in one basket.

    That’s how WatchGuard approaches the challenge of protecting businesses against online threats. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT security services and combines them in easy-to-manage appliances like the WatchGuard Firebox. This holistic approach to business IT security is known as Unified Threat Management.

    Custom IT security

    WatchGuard doesn’t just cater to the big end of town. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. WatchGuard offers tabletop, rack-mounted and virtual/cloud Firebox appliances. These let you create a custom security deployment whether you’re protecting a single location, a cluster of regional offices or a chain of retail outlets. The smallest appliances still run the same software as the largest rack-mounted units. You get enterprise-class IT security in a small form factor.

    So what’s under the bonnet? It’s far beyond a standard firewall. WatchGuard offers Intrusion Prevention Service. This guards against attacks leveraging known vulnerabilities using technology from Trend Micro. It includes continually updated signatures to scan traffic on all major protocols, providing real-time protection against network threats including spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and buffer overflows.

    Along with traditional gateway antivirus and spam filtering, WatchGuard’s WebBlocker service checks every link against the Threat Seeker cloud URL database from Websense. WatchGuard also employs Reputation-Based Threat Prevention, which aggregates data from multiple feeds, including industry-leading antivirus engines, for real-time protection from web threats.

    Meanwhile, WatchGuard’s APT Blocker defends against advanced ransomware, zero-day threats and evolving malware. It does this by checking unknown files and testing them on a cloud-based sandbox using full system emulation technology from Lastline.

    Data loss prevention

    WatchGuard isn’t just on the lookout for incoming threats. Its Data Loss Prevention technologies stop data breaches and enforce compliance by scanning text and files to detect sensitive information attempting to exit your network, whether it’s transferred via email, web or FTP. Application control also manages what end users can do on their devices.

    All these layers of IT security form part of the IT Support Perth based TechBrain, tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Working in unison, they combine to create a robust enterprise-grade IT security platform that is ready for anything.

    You lock your home. Is your business locked? “I want to be secure.”