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Tough Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire an IT Consulting Perth Company

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Here are four big questions to put to the people who are going to be handling your IT.

    When going out to search for an IT consulting Perth company, you must have a list of questions to ask, right? If you don’t, you at least must be curious to know the company’s success stories and licensing details. Other than that, there are specific questions you must get answers to if you wish to work with the best MSP. Here are some of them.

    Have you worked with any business in my industry before?

    Every industry is different from the other. And due to this, your company’s software, servicing needs, customer expectations and security levels must be the basis by which any IT consulting Perth company will serve you. Great companies don’t need to know everything about your industry, however. If the company you intend to hire can prove to you they have served others in your industry with success, then you can go ahead and work with them.

    How does your communication process work?

    Any IT company worth hiring should have a well-established communication process that does not leave room for misunderstandings. In any case, you’ll most probably need emergency services at some point in the future, which demands that you hire a company that can guarantee unlimited access to their services whenever you need them. If possible, work with a company that can assign someone specific to handle your queries or complaints.

    How do you handle a technical crisis?

    The best IT consulting companies can be seen in how they handle technical crises. A good company should be able to convince you that they can handle a disaster in your company in a way that guarantees quick recovery. They should also tell you how they plan to avoid any technical disasters as you work together, how they would mitigate these problems when they occurred, and how they would help you recover lost files. Actually, if you find a company that has handled a technical crisis in the past with success, you should strongly consider working with them.

    Can I reach out to your customers?

    Go beyond the forums and reviews of a company you find online. Ask the company itself for contacts to their previous and current contacts. Make sure that you call these customers once you get their contacts and listen to their experiences while working with the IT consulting company you are about to hire. In most cases, previous customers will be most honest about the business’s true nature.