Case Studies

Animation Studio Transforms Cyber Challenges Into Triumphs

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About the client

Located in Western Australia the company specialises in 2D animation, delivering the highest quality animation services for US and European studios working on animated series and feature films.

Their work has been showcased in internationally renowned projects, earning accolades and nominations. With a commitment to quality and creativity, they are a trusted name in the industry, collaborating with studios on projects that have reached audiences worldwide.

But their mission goes beyond animation; they are dedicated to uplifting underprivileged communities in SE Asia and South America. By employing individuals from these regions with computers, IT infrastructure and the necessary training. 

This unique approach not only fosters talent but also contributes to positive social change, reflecting their belief in the power of creativity to transform lives.


Balancing decentralisation with stringent cyber security requirements

A prominent client, one of the giants in the entertainment industry, approached our client with a project they were keen to win. The stakes were high and the challenges were multifaceted. 

The client was grappling with severe data leak issues, facing penalties for non-compliance and the pressure was mounting. The task was not just about delivering quality work; it was about ensuring the highest level of cyber security, a demand that was both urgent and non-negotiable.

The owner’s vision was to operate in a decentralised manner, embracing flexibility without compromising security. This vision had to align with the stringent cyber demands of the clientele, a balancing act that required meticulous planning and execution. 

As a U.S. registered company, adherence to NIST cyber standards was mandatory, along with compliance with industry-specific regulations. The challenge was not just technical; it was about building trust, demonstrating capability and meeting the exacting standards of one of the most recognised names in the industry.

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Crafting a tailored security-centric solution

Security was placed at the core of our approach, shaping every aspect of the design and implementation.

The IT Infrastructure was meticulously planned around the specific cyber security requirements, ensuring that every element was aligned with the client’s stringent demands. 

Unlike conventional cloud-based platforms, the toolset used from an artist’s perspective required fixed infrastructure. This unique approach allowed for a more controlled and secure environment, tailored to the needs of the project.

Our team implemented data loss prevention measures, crafting a customised workflow for each task that needed to be accomplished. The data was sent to the artists to sync based on the specific task they were working on, creating a seamless and secure process. 

The entire data flow was managed, audited, and controlled remotely, ensuring that the data was always in our hands, preventing any unintentional data loss. This comprehensive solution not only addressed the immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for a secure and efficient collaboration, reflecting our commitment to excellence and integrity.


A triumph in security and innovation

The stakes were high, as leaks could have caused the entire production to collapse, depreciating the value of the final product and triggering a large cascade effect due to data loss. However, the project was completed successfully, and the client continued on the decentralised IT path. 

Even when a data leak occurred on the larger project, the company was immediately ruled out as a potential source, thanks to their robust security framework. Such was the success of this framework that a larger partner supplier within the network adopted the same level of security in partnership with TechBrain. 

Knowing that their cyber credentials are regarded as a benchmark within the network partners and industry has instilled a great deal of business confidence in the animation studio. The success of this project has not only enhanced their reputation but added the cyber credentials to reinforce their position as a leading provider in their supplier network.


With my teams located in different countries it was crucial to implement a secure production pipeline that met my clients security requirements and enabled my teams to work efficiently. From the outset I was impressed with the team at TechBrain, they listened to what was required and then gave me the solution I needed. The team was always available to answer questions, they worked directly with my staff and rectified any issues very quickly. The secure cloud based solution that the team at TechBrain developed for me has given me the confidence to continue to scale my operations.

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