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Cloud technology and ever faster network speeds have now developed far enough for software as a service to be the most sensible and efficient way of delivering your software applications. This method allows us to develop, host and manage your software, so that you no longer need to invest in the equipment and staff to do it in-house.

Historically, enterprises have operated their software on their own computer networks or internal infrastructure. However in recent years, many customers and vendors have switched to the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. SaaS is an ingenious method of delivering applications over the net. A third-party vendor develops a web-based software application, and then operates and hosts that service over the Internet for clients who subscribe. With the software as a service model, businesses no longer have to buy, install, update, and maintain software and hardware, freeing them from intricate hardware and software management.

TechBrain is a SaaS provider in Perth helping businesses to get the most out of cloud. We run SaaS applications on our servers, and we manage access to the application, its performance, its availability, and its security. Businesses that partner with us eliminate the need to purchase additional infrastructure equipment or software licenses, and only pay a minimal monthly fee for using the software.

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