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The Shift in the Perth IT Market

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Managed service IT companies are the new normal within the modern organisation.

    There are huge changes that are taking place in the Perth IT industry. The paradigm is shifting from having the traditional IT department structure in the organisation to hiring managed service companies. Outsourcing has become the new trend in the market and so many businesses are actually benefiting from it today. They are found to be a much cheaper option. This is taking into account that they will be benefiting from the services of experts without having to incur the actual cost of those services. As opposed to having to pay for the salary of that expert together with all the other benefits that they will need to be paid, the company can choose to save money by just seeking the services of a company and paying a contract fee.

    However, a bigger number of the big companies today are choosing to enjoy the services of both the managed service providers and their internal IT staff. They will have their internal IT departments and recruit their IT staff but they will still source the services of the managed service providers. Mostly, they will have the managed service providers working on the day-to-day maintenance of their IT systems and this will leave their internal IT staff with more time on their hands to work on strategic projects. These strategic projects usually include bettering of the organisation’s systems and coming up with innovations that will enable the organisation to serve its customers even better.

    Companies that have decided to adopt this model have actually confessed that it has been a good one that has really benefited them. They have noticed that it works very well to open up their internal IT staff members and actually make them think out of their comfort zones. They are able to step out of the shadows and actually aim higher as they are tasked with making bigger and better innovations that will drive the organisation to the next level. They are not just left there performing the daily IT routine tasks of fixing computers and making sure that the internet connection is working right.

    As a matter of fact, this has been recorded as one of the major reasons as to why this shift in the Perth IT industry has been experienced. The fact that the companies can actually push their internal IT staff to make better and bigger things is a huge motivation. It makes it much easier for the company to be able to move to the next step in the market and make it more competitively advantaged in the market.