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The Security Steps To Follow To Avoid Ransomware

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Protect your business against ransomware with Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services


    With ransomware posing the single biggest threat to small and medium-sized Australian business, it’s time to embrace the complete protection of a managed security service.

    Ransomware like CryptoLocker is particularly insidious because it relies on you to do its dirty work. It typically arrives in your inbox disguised as an innocent looking business email – perhaps pretending to be a purchase order, overdue invoice, outstanding tax bill or details of a missed delivery. The aim is to trick you into opening the attached file, which quickly infects your computer and then spreads throughout your business encrypting important business files and demanding money for their release.

    By the time you realise what’s happening it’s too late to do anything about it. At this point a robust backup system is your best insurance policy, but prevention is better than cure which is why it’s important to also employ a business-grade security platform.

    There is plenty of anti-virus software out there, both free and paid, but the best security solutions rely on layers of defences so you also need to think about firewalls, anti-malware, anti-spam, web filtering and all the other pieces of the puzzle. You can’t leave any gaps in your defences so it’s important to ensure that all these tools are up and running, configured correctly and not conflicting with each other – not only on your desktop PC but on every computing device throughout your organisation.

    That’s a rather daunting challenge for a small to medium-sized business, especially when new security threats are emerging constantly. That’s where a Managed Service Provider like TechBrain can come to the rescue.

    TechBrain favours Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services, which you might think of as a centrally-managed Security as a Service. It’s a complete endpoint protection service which can protect everything from your mission-critical servers to your desktop and mobile devices for a fixed price monthly fee.

    Rather than configuring, monitoring and updating each device individually, as your Managed Service Provider TechBrain handles everything across your Windows, Mac and Android devices – whether you’re in the office or out on the road. Along with protection against viruses, spyware and ransomware it also supports URL filtering to block inappropriate content and known malicious sites.

    You can add an extra level of protection by limiting access to USB drives and other attached devices, both blocking incoming threats and data loss. Data loss prevention also extends to email messages which may accidentally or deliberately contain sensitive information not intended for outside eyes – offering another line of defence against phishing attacks attempting to trick employees into handing over sensitive information.

    The inclusion of Hosted Email Security (HES) – managing your email security in the cloud – blocks viruses, malware and ransomware before they ever reach your network, including scanning executables and macros. At the same time it also blocks more than 99% of spam, with an amazingly low false positive rate of only 0.0003%. All with less than a one minute latency, so there’s no productivity loss due to email delays.

    The beauty of HES is that it works with both POP3 and Exchange email servers, whether they’re on premise or hosted in the cloud, plus it is compatible with Office 365 so you’re still covered if you decided to embrace Microsoft’s subscription service.

    While some scammers take a shotgun approach with their malware efforts, HES also protects against sophisticated “spear phishing” attacks which are specifically targeted at your business. It spots the telltale signs of social engineering tricks including Business Email Compromise attacks where scammers impersonate senior executives in an attempt to trick staff into doing their bidding.

    With threats coming from all directions, TechBrain and Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services lets you put your security in the hands of the experts so you can get down to business.

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