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Alexander Darcy

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    Discover what managed services are, why your organisation should use them, and more.

    Managed services allow you to offload particular IT operations to managed service providers, who manage and monitor IT systems and solve IT-related issues. The services include alerts, patch management, security, and data recovery and backup. Offloading the routine infrastructure management to managed service providers can allow you to concentrate more on running your business with fewer interruptions because of IT issues.

    Why Do You Need a Managed Services Provider?

    If your organisation is unable to keep up with things like patches, backups, and security, then there are chances that you will experience an IT outage or other similar problems that can have an adverse impact on your business. Consider this example: your customer relationship management system, email server, financial application or the network goes down suddenly; this will result in substantial revenue and productivity losses.

    Managed service providers are like an extension of your IT department by monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure regularly. Usually, they also free up your IT staff so that they can focus on projects with greater value. An experienced and well-trained managed services provider can help you avoid various types of technological issues in the first place. If an issue does occur, it efficiently troubleshoots and resolves it.

    Managed Services

    TechBrain is one of the best managed service providers in Perth, which was founded in 2003 and has been continuously growing ever since. It features a very active and loyal client base of government and non-profit organisations and businesses from more than 30 industries, including mining, professional services, health, engineering, finance, and insurance. With its head office in Western Australia, the company is widely recognised in the region for understanding the clients’ problems and providing the best solutions to make businesses more productive and efficient.

    Professional Services

    If your business comes from the professional services sector – i.e. if you own a real estate, accountancy, or consultancy office or a financial institution – then it is necessary for you to have a fast and efficient IT system. TechBrain can provide not only technology solutions for your business but also round-the-clock monitoring and support along with on-site or remote services. Its objective is to help you achieve your business goals more quickly. In addition to this, TechBrain professional services include stringent security, hosting and cloud solutions, adaptation of IT services in case your organisation changes, business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and implementation of compliance and security solutions.

    Non-Profit Organisations

    TechBrain is aware of the fact that non-profit organisations have crucial goals to achieve and hence, it provides excellent IT support solutions to help you work more efficiently. It offers tailored technology solutions to reduce the potential IT issues while keeping your data secure. Its solutions are capable of adapting to the changing needs of the non-profit sector. TechBrain provides stringent firewall security, analysis of IT requirements, solutions to fit your budget and time frame, recommendations on adapting the services with the development of the organisation, disaster recovery, business continuity plans, and partial or complete IT outsourcing to reduce labour costs.