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Why Most Perth IT Services are Offered by Managed Service Providers

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    We dig deeper into the reason business have shifted, over the past few years, from IT departments to outsourced services.

    Managed Service Providers have become a very important and huge aspect of the Perth IT services market. If you have been keen over the past couple of years, you must have noticed that most companies have shifted from the tradition of having an IT department within the organisation and are increasingly opting to outsource the services. There are so many reasons as to why this is being done; core of which is the fact that the companies get to save money and it also increases their competitive advantage.

    A good number of companies actually choose to hire the managed service providers along their internal IT staff. They then have the managed service provides handling their day-to-day IT needs while the internal IT staff are left to work on strategic projects and work on innovations that will take the company to the next level.

    That being said, why then are so many of these companies choosing to turn to the managed services providers? There are quite a number of reasons that have been put forward. Key among these reasons include the fact the reliability and efficiency are improved. Statistics are actually showing that 56% of all companies would actually opt to hire these managed service providers for the simple reason that they are sure that the efficiency with which their IT operations will be run will be much higher and they will have a partner that they can call upon anytime to deal with their IT issues.

    Better security and compliance is a second reason as to why most of these companies are opting to go the managed service providers’ route. You have to understand the concept that these companies are fully professional IT companies that offer nothing but these IT services. Their focus is purely on IT and thus they have been able to perfect each and every aspect of what they offer. Their services are therefore much better. This will mean that enhanced compliance and enhanced security will definitely be some of the benefits they will get to enjoy from the use of their services.

    It is interesting to note that companies are today using these managed service providers’ for simple Perth IT services such as application monitoring. Applications failing today can cost a business a lot of money, especially if the business is offering its services online. The business thus never has the leeway to take such a risk. It needs to ensure that it is always up and running and its customers can access it anytime.