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Managed Service Solutions: Let Us Take Care of Your Network

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    If you’re overloaded with work and have lots of deadlines to meet, all you need is a helping hand to manage your tasks.

    TechBrain provides that helping hand to save your day and lets you manage your tasks more efficiently. We understand that you need to focus on other things and that all the things can’t be managed at the same time. With our managed services, you’ll get a full-service IT solution that is tested and proven to meet the standards of an organisation. Our managed service solutions remove the struggle of operating your own servers. For your IT department, we’ll act as an extension and work towards increasing the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.

    Managed network solutions

    Our network managing services include monitoring the network components. The network components include routers, firewalls, load balancers, and switches. Our network managers know well how to utilise the network resources and handle them in an effective way.

    Managed database solutions

    Database management services include administration, performance analysis, upgrades, patching, and tuning of the database. With our database management solution, you will be able to focus more on the tasks that are required to improve your business.

    Managed server solutions

    Our engineers make sure that your servers and desktops are up to date and have the latest versions of software. We understand that such tasks keep your IT professionals from focusing on other crucial tasks and strategic initiatives. Our professional support will help you optimise your server framework and ensure the level of availability, flexibility, and security of the server.

    Disaster recovery and backup

    Most organisations lack the skill of disaster recovery in spite of the threats to the stability of the infrastructure. Such threats have increased the need for a proper disaster management plan, which every business should own. TechBrain offers managed service solutions that utilise your own services and create proper disaster recovery and backup databases.

    Managed application solutions

    Improved efficiency and productivity of the whole infrastructure are all what a business needs. Our IT professionals make sure that your applications are performing well and there is a single point of contact. Regardless of what software your applications are using, we offer high-quality managed application services to cater to your organisation’s needs.

    Communication solutions

    The email communication tools include SharePoint, Skype, and Hosted Exchange. These communications tools enable employees to collaborate with each other and communicate with customers. These tools are more than just communication tools. In fact, they provide a base for other activities such as file sharing, contacts, and other business activities. We make sure that your employees make the most out of these tools to increase the productivity of your daily tasks.

    Managed storage solutions

    Our managed storage solutions make sure the availability of your data at any time and on any device. Our IT professionals ensure that your data is well-managed, accessible, and secure.