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TechBrain specialises in IT solutions for the legal sector

Law firms are not spared from the rapidly changing technical environment. Lawyers need to focus on security, compliance, and ensure that their systems operate 7 days a week.

TechBrain works closely with each law firm to help them make the most of their technology investment, maintain security, and ensure that their technology continues to support the business.

TechBrain provides legal IT services across Australia to support your entire team. Our cloud computing and hosted IT services ensure that you represent your clients efficiently and professionally. We will manage your internal IT environment to keep your independent law firm or your large legal practice in perfect working order.


Every law firm aims to keep its clients happy. This is not best achieved through the use of poor technology as it results in customers receiving a lower quality of service. Additionally, old, poorly maintained technology results in inefficient and less productive staff which ultimately reduces the financial performance of the firm.

TechBrain will help you find that perfect balance for your IT: efficient and cost-effective, yet powerful and professional!

About TechBrain’s Legal IT support service

TechBrain is the most trusted IT and network support company in Perth with numerous law firms benefiting from the IT support services TechBrain provides. We provide proactive and preventive IT solutions for law firms, not just fixing the technology in the event of a failure, but making sure you get the best security and data monitoring to guarantee your information is secure and confidential, and that IT problems, such as a potential cyber security breach, may be identified before they cause havoc to your law firm.

Our legal IT experts understand many of the legal applications you use, including Filepro, Dragon Dictate and Dictation Machine, as well as most of the major administrative, legal, and office applications used today. Not only will we help you maintain and troubleshoot these critical applications and other systems, but we will also educate you and your employees on how to get the most out of them to maximise technology ROI and increase the productivity of employees.

At Techbrain, we provide an all-in-one managed IT support service. For law firms, we can assist with online research tools, internship management systems, private networks, unified communications, customer relationship management, and more, that fully meet the needs of your client. Our advanced technology and solutions will enable you to increase productivity and efficiency.

But, most importantly, legal professionals depend on their IT environment not just to improve their efficiency in dealing with clients, but to win cases. This makes the complete reliability of your legal IT essential. At the same time, you need to work with a service provider who is:

  • Proactive
  • Cost-effective, and 
  • Has a deep understanding of your practice’s unique needs

That’s us!

Advantages of our legal IT support

The legal industry is evolving rapidly, but with TechBrain’s expert IT services, your business can take advantage of this change and become a frontrunner.

Our services are designed specifically for the legal sector, and provide clear and measurable results. From process optimisation and business dashboards to mobile working and legal cloud platforms, we offer a wide range of services that can deliver guaranteed value for your business.

IT outsourcing allows your law firm to essentially hire a complete IT team with different specialties and training to solve all your technological problems. This means that whatever technological problem may arise, a dedicated IT member of an accredited IT support company will be able to provide a solution quickly and efficiently.

TechBrain provides law firm IT services which are available 7/365. We tailor solutions to meet the needs of individual legal clients.

Partnering your law firm with TechBrain will also provide:

  • Document and email management solutions
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • System backup services
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Total security
  • 24/7 monitoring of mission-critical systems 
  • Improved profit margins
  • Complete peace of mind

Services and solutions TechBrain can offer your law firm

  • Comprehensive IT assessments
    IT support solutions operate to help your law firm run smoothly, not be a constant source of hassle. A full computer evaluation will help you understand what is currently working for the business and what is not. It can help your law firm streamline business processes, improve performance, and reduce costs.
  • Cloud strategy consulting and migration
    Migrating to the cloud will help your businesses in several ways: it will increase speed, security, quality, and savings. TechBrain IT experts can provide your law firm with the right cloud option for your business at a low cost.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
    Our IT staff know that time is money, and downtime will cause significant losses to your law firm. Disaster recovery covers natural and network disasters and is a solution that replicates existing infrastructure into secondary backup infrastructure to minimise downtime and achieve seamless business continuity.
  • Top performance
    In the legal field, your employees and collaborators should focus on their work, not on the technology that makes it possible. TechBrain guarantees that your software is automatically integrated for maximum speed and reliability.
  • Protection
    Businesses on the move can achieve productivity and collaboration anytime, anywhere, but they also bring new potential risks. Loss of mobile phones, hacking incidents or loss of customer data may damage your reputation. However, our experts ensure that your technology is bulletproof and guarded against risks day and night.
  • Client relations
    Your customers interact with technology every day. Your technology must support interactions such as telephone systems, video conferencing, account management, and document sharing. What customers think of your business is based on technical efficiency. We ensure that this interaction is powerful and effective
  • Great value for money
    TechBrain provides affordable and efficient solutions and IT support to meet your technical needs, thereby increasing the productivity of your law firms. We maintain your network to ensure your peace of mind.
  • Competitive advantage
    Technology is constantly evolving – and when it is not the main objective of your organisation, it becomes difficult to follow and implement the relevant changes. A full-service IT provider can assess and implement new technologies and will assist you in all facets of organising your law firm. This is particularly important in the face of constant cyber threats; The law firm that ignores the security threat that having old poorly maintained systems presents will, invariably, be subject to a cyber-attack that could be debilitating.
  • Increased access and reliability
    We understand that the work of a lawyer doesn’t stop when you leave the office. Professional IT support services will keep your network secure and running at all times, on all devices, so you can write reports from your home or communicate with customers on the go.
  • Complete compliance
    Attorneys are required by law to keep client information confidential and therefore secure from violation. TechBrain will ensure your data is secure and not susceptible to attack.

Are you looking for the best legal IT support in Perth? If your law firm is in need of reliable IT support with nationwide capability, TechBrain is here to partner with you – call us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does a Law Firm Need IT Support?
Our services and legal IT support for lawyers allow law firms to function optimally without the efforts of their busy employees. TechBrain provides comprehensive law firm IT support. Our IT professionals can prevent harmful data leakage, which not only severely affects law firms and their clients, but also ensures that the IT network and systems are up-to-date, working properly, and compatible. Because attorneys must adhere to strict ethical standards and must protect confidential client information, law firms must have effective IT support. TechBrain has extensive knowledge and we are trained and certified to ensure that your legal firm is protected from cyber-attack as much as possible. Additionally, our IT professionals understand the significance of downtime for busy law firms. We provide a proactive method for managing IT services and support, including monitoring and management of IT systems. Our preventative solutions help solve problems before a crash, or limit downtime in the event of a breakdown.
What happens if I do run into an IT problem?
Technical problems can cause severe damage at critical moments; for example, late at night. Our expert response team is available every day of the year to provide technical support and solutions for your law firm.
Why hire TechBrain to provide legal IT services to your law firm?
Technology and network security are not only our work – but also our passion. TechBrain aims to simplify IT support to meet our customer’s needs while saving them time, money and stress. We understand that legal professionals need additional assurances to ensure legal and ethical compliance. The professionals who make up our business are certified IT professionals who meet the highest standards. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to our customers and their success.
Isn’t IT support expensive?
It may seem that outsourcing to an IT support company would be cost-prohibitive for many law practices, especially small and medium-sized firms. However, when you consider the time it would take for an untrained IT employee to investigate a problem, possibly find a solution and try to solve it, it is clear that it would be better spent practising law.

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