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We want to be as proud of the people we develop as we are of the business we develop

To do this we work hard on building a company we love. What does this mean for you?

  • TB Champions Award to recognise “top jobs” that exceed expectations, overcome challenges and demonstrate the value of collaboration
  • Growth & Learning Award to recognise outstanding individual focus on development
  • WOW Award to recognise individuals who pursue remarkable customer outcomes
  • Business Improvement Award to recognise those who create large impact and value for TechBrain
  • Loyalty Awards to recognise team members who are loyal
  • Overall employee of the year (Trophy and Gift Vouchers)
  • Quarterly team building events
  • Free Book policy to help you grow and develop in areas related to what you do at TechBrain
  • Interesting People policy to help you connect with and learn from other successful people
  • Funky Sock Friday as a fun way to welcome new team members, celebrate birthdays and engage customers
  • Social Contribution to recognise that we make a living from what we get but a life from what we give
  • Unlimited Annual Leave to enable you to pursue life long ambitions outside of the great work you do at TechBrain

We Love Giving Gifts

Personalised Techbrain Hat

Awarded to team members once they've been with us for at least a year.

2 Year Badge

Proudly worn by team members who've enjoyed 2 years with the team.

Personalised Shoes

Team members are gifted sneakers with their face on the heel after 2 years with the team.

Funky Sock Frida

Receive a pair of funky socks when you join, and on your birthday, then enjoy Funky Sock Friday.

Supercharge your IT career

Are you looking for a managed IT support career with one of Western Australia’s fastest growing MSP’s?

We’re a vibrant socially minded team with a vision to make every member of our team experts in managed IT Support at the most trusted SME IT Support Department in Australia. We’re looking for professionals with a positive attitude and HEART:

  • Humble – self aware and respectful, sharing credit when things go well while shouldering responsibility when they don’t
  • Effective – measurably moves the needle and immeasurably adds value, are resourceful and take ownership
  • Adaptable – curious, lifelong learner
  • Remarkable – smart, helpful, energising
  • Transparent – open and honest with others and themselves

What do our team members say about working at TechBrain?

  • TechBrain, all through the recruitment process, were really professional. The recruitment co-ordinator was incredibly passionate about the business which in turn made you feel like this was a great place to work. Couple that with the passion of the management team and the company culture, it was a no-brainer when it came to accepting a position here. Now I’ve been in the business for a while, I can categorically state that it was the right decision. If you’re thinking about applying for a role, just do it. You won’t regret it.

    Dave Forster

  • TechBrain is a team, we work together, support each other and family always comes first!

    Mike Fernando

  • It’s always a great pleasure to work along with the team as they’re always willing to chip in to help and friendly as always. There’s never a dull moment in office as well with something fun and exciting always happening.

    Devus Tan

  • I really enjoy the challenges I get to manage at TechBrain. It is an environment that calls for the best of me and I am constantly learning.

    Rod Jarman

  • At TechBrain you really feel that people care. They care about the team and they care about the customer. It truly is a remarkable place to work with a fantastic team which has a great attitude towards bringing out the best in people.

    Alex Stewart

  • No matter how busy we all are, I always feel I can go to any member of our team with any issue and they will try help me as much as they can. As individuals we appreciate what we all contribute as a team.

    Natalie Kelliher

Don’t have your CV? Don’t worry!

Your IT skills and work experience are important, but that’s really only part of the story. What really matters to Team TechBrain is that we’re welcoming people who will "increase our average" and whose values are aligned to ours. Values such as:


Being Passionate & Determined


Living "The TechBrain Way"


Embracing & Driving Innovation And Change


Pursuing Growth & Learning

We also want to welcome people who enjoy the same things we do. Things like:


Wowing The Customer With Superior Service

Delivering outcomes far superior to those which they experience elsewhere.


Creative Technical Solutions

Exercising both sides of your brain, not just your Tech Brain, each day.


Challenging The Status Quo

We love continuous improvement, innovation and the measured risks that come from doing things differently.


Being Autonomous

Independently drive outcomes safe in the knowledge that you a supportive team has your back.


Striving To Be The Best Version Of Themselves

Growth, learning and ongoing development are our catchcries.

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