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TechBrain’s IT security assessments

Network security is constantly evolving and new threats and vulnerabilities against businesses are emerging every day. Conducting regular vulnerability assessments can help you protect business assets, understand where your environmental weaknesses lie, and react quickly to mitigate potential threats.

Cyber criminals can use various security weaknesses to obtain sensitive data and attack your business and assets. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment provides your organisation with the knowledge, awareness and risk history data necessary to respond to its environmental threats. Corrective action can then be taken accordingly.


However, a vulnerability assessment is only as good as the security experts who design and execute it. Effective IT vulnerability assessment requires proven methods created by security experts.

TechBrain’s IT experts and their partners have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the latest threats and the skills available to mitigate those threats. Together with our partners we will help you identify the risks before hackers do, which will greatly improve the security of your corporate network.

When you do not have the internal resources and want a risk management partner to do a thorough vulnerability assessment, TechBrain can provide an IT security team with unparalleled expertise.

What our Security assessment includes:

We can review and provide you with:

  • An executive summary of the main findings
  • A detailed report and recommended measures to resolve all vulnerabilities; and
  • A comprehensive list of key recommendations and indicators related to risks and remedial measures

In addition to the above, our and our partners experienced vulnerability assessment professionals undertake:

  • Penetration testing of customers’ networks and services
  • Perform security assessments on third-party services and software
  • Internal and external vulnerability services
  • External penetration testing for security vulnerabilities
  • Internal penetration testing for security holes
  • Web application testing services

Our IT security assessment process

TechBrain’s experts and partners use industry-standard assessment tools and manual attack techniques designed to discover vulnerabilities that are not normally found with automated vulnerability scanning alone. Since our tests are performed by professional ethical hackers with extensive experience in incident response, from an attacker’s perspective, you will gain valuable, objective insights.

In addition to reporting the vulnerabilities discovered, TechBrain also provides remediation guidance and risk scoring to ensure that your team has the necessary information to prioritise remediation measures.

Our vulnerability scanning team can test your:

  • Network
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Mobile devices
  • Website, and
  • Web application

How IT security audits work

TechBrain’s IT Security Assessment process uses advanced scanning software to detect real-time risks to your company’s infrastructure. We also identify new internal and external vulnerabilities, and prevent unauthorised access

Our qualified IT experts and our partners can review the results of the vulnerability scan to provide a report outlining key recommendations and tips for neutralising threats. We cover the following aspects:

  • Determine the systems and processes that pose a security risk before an attacker can identify them
  • Create a list of all devices in the corporate network, including system information
  • Determine the predefined risk level that exists on the network.
  • Compile a list of all devices in the business to help with future updates and future IT vulnerability testing

After the vulnerability scan is completed, our team of experts will analyse the findings and provide a set of feasible priority recommendations to improve your information security. Applying our expert vision to thousands of pages of data, we highlight key security issues that must be addressed and provide you with plans for continuous improvement over time.

We have expertise in IT vulnerability testing and can select and calibrate the best tools for your unique industry and IT systems. We will also work with your internal IT department to coordinate a schedule of vulnerability scans that will not interrupt important systems or services.

Why you should perform security assessments

Regular vulnerability assessments help organisations in the following ways:

  • Stay one step ahead of attackers Determine the level of security exposure before a potential attacker does.
  • Improve your security measures Maintain an effective set of measures to detect, prevent, respond to or mitigate potential attacks, and strive to maintain the best state of security to achieve your organisation’s vision of success.
  • Discover and secure Ensure the safety of all network devices and apps on-site or in the cloud with our cloud computing services.
  • Reduce cost and boost productivity Reduce the risk of excessive cost and productivity loss caused by attacks.
  • Equal opportunity Helps small businesses (whose limited resources make them prime targets by cyber attackers) reduce and manage their threat environment.
  • Privacy and personal data security Trust is vital to employees, suppliers, and customers, and exposure time to potential threats must be reduced.

Network risk assessment

TechBrain can also perform network vulnerability assessments, which includes the following:

  • Reviewing the backup process (including testing and reconstruction to ensure that the backup is valid)
  • Archiving
  • User access control and user authorisation locks
  • Threat containment
  • Password control
  • Script execution block
  • Suitability of firewalls for servers and workstations
  • Manage unified threats
  • Endpoint protection against zero-day threats and ransomware

By analysing potentially vulnerable systems, TechBrain can help reduce major security incidents, and can manage and update your security settings according to industry standards. Our vulnerability analysis uses advanced tools and simplified processes, so you can immediately understand the types of vulnerabilities facing your network.

If anything we’ve discussed above has raised concerns about how secure your IT infrastructure is, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion. It’s always better to know where you stand than ignore the issue!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the vulnerability assessment?
The purpose of the network vulnerability assessment is to assess the overall security of your system and determine any weaknesses in your organisation’s IT infrastructure. Vulnerability assessment can proactively test and determine the possibility that bad actors may damage your system, while also accurately determining how much the system may be damaged when such damage occurs. It also tests the resilience of your system and network against cyber attacks.
How can I tell if my organisation needs a vulnerability assessment?
Here are some simple questions business owners and managers should ask themselves about their corporate network security:
  • Do we need two-factor authentication to access critical information systems?
  • Do we need regular assessments of network vulnerability?
  • Do we need regular password updates?
  • Do we have cyber protection, including a unified threat management system for inbound and outbound protection?
  • Do we have a data recovery plan that is implemented and updated regularly?
  • Do we have policies and user account control to prevent scripts and processes from running from temporary and system folders?
If you’re uncertain what the answers to any of these questions are, then that’s a good sign there may be weaknesses in your IT you’re not aware of.
What does the vulnerability assessment provide?
Your vulnerability assessment will provide you with a checklist that can be used to regularly maintain and protect systems and networks. Think of this as your roadmap, which can guide you through regular tests to proactively search for new risks that may jeopardise the organisation’s security. This will help you integrate network security into your organisation’s daily environment to better protect your data. TechBrain can also assist in incident response, digital forensics and malware analysis.
What is a false positive?
False positives refer to the vulnerability assessment tool indicating the existence of a vulnerability where it doesn’t actually exist. This is a common problem in vulnerability assessment. Many of our competitors won’t take the time to eliminate false positives but will provide you with lengthy reports full of them. This will waste your time and will have you chasing ghosts! We work with you to eliminate false positives by understanding your environment, using authenticated assessment scans, proving the proficiency of our tools and methods, and using our substantial experience.
What is the difference between penetration testing and vulnerability testing?
Vulnerability assessment is less intrusive than penetration testing. Through vulnerability assessment, we can identify vulnerabilities, but not exploit them. Penetration testing goes beyond the scope of vulnerability assessment by exploiting vulnerabilities and seeing how far attackers can actually penetrate and disrupt systems or applications.
How often should we perform a vulnerability assessment?
deally, you should have a continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation process. Organisations that scan for vulnerabilities from time to time and resolve them are less vulnerable. We provide a subscription-based vulnerability assessment model to help you meet the requirements for continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation.
What is an authenticated vulnerability assessment?
The authenticated vulnerability assessment is the most accurate. This is where we use credentials during the scan. (These could be Windows domain credentials, Linux credentials or database credentials, for instance.) An authenticated scan can check the actual files on the system without guessing the application version or patch level. For example, if the latest DLL file fixes a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows service, an authenticated scan can test the exact DLL version.
What if we find out that we have been infected during the vulnerability assessment?
This is actually common, and not normally a cause for alarm. Any existing malware or trojan discovered during the vulnerability test will cause the assessment to stop immediately and be brought to the attention of the designated point of contact (POC). One of the biggest benefits of partnering with TechBrain for your vulnerability assessment is that no matter what we might uncover, we’ve got the skills and expertise to set it right.

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