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What would the cost be to your company, in lost business and wasted work hours, if a cyber-attack meant your IP was stolen and nobody in the office could use their computer for a week?

Increase your protection with TechSure, the managed security service designed by TechBrain for SMEs.

The number of cyber-attacks continues to climb rapidly, and unfortunately cyber criminals are now focusing on SMEs. This is because they regard them as an easy target compared to large organisations, which typically have a dedicated IT security team.


The IT Security Specialist

TechBrain’s Australian IT security team identify and design comprehensive IT security solutions to counteract the risks SME’s face. From cloud and managed security services to application, infrastructure, and data protection, we have the expertise to safeguard the valuable assets of your organisation without disrupting your day-to-day operations. When you’re focused on servicing customers, motivating staff and building your IP the last thing you need is for your business to be disabled by an internal or external attack. Big data, cloud computing and remote solutions all help businesses work faster and smarter, but they also present new ways for your information security controls to be challenged. Failing to properly protect your business’s information assets and IT infrastructure with comprehensive IT security services can put your profitability, credibility, brand value, customer trust and market share at risk. TechBrain offers cyber security solutions that can help prevent, detect and respond to threats. We provide what you need – from initial design, deployment and configuration, to ongoing risk management, monitoring and reporting so that you have continuous up-to-the-minute protection for your business. We will work with you to understand your needs, whether it be for your network, WiFi or endpoints for both virtual and physical environments, and then design, deploy and configure a tailored endpoint security solution We build and enforce security policies to protect your data through sophisticated prevention, detection and response services that provide total security against some of the most advanced threats including ransomware and evolving malware We provide a reporting service so that you can see an increased value in your IT investments including regulatory compliance, confidentiality integrity and customer analytics

Cyber Security Protection

TechSure is a complete and comprehensive cyber security solution that is developed specifically for the SME market who do not need an enterprise grade solution. We understand that all businesses have diverse needs, whether it’s combating new threats, meeting IT budget demands or simply looking for effective network security and compliance initiatives. Whatever challenges you face, our experienced cyber security professionals are proactive in your security infrastructure. Our specialists will tailor a solution that meets the specific requirements of your business and provides the cost-effective protection you need.

Cyber security awareness training

Unfortunately, one of the biggest security risks for any organisation is a lack of employee experience and training. From falling victim to phishing schemes, failing to keep their anti-virus software up to date, or simply not being aware of the many online threats out there, human factors often play a major role in security breaches. That’s why part of our security consulting service revolves around cyber security training for your employees. Educating your staff is one of the simplest, yet also one of the most crucial security challenges you can address. TechBrain can assist you with security and compliance, as well as training and certification. It’s important to remember that cyber attackers are using ever more subtle and sophisticated methods to get malicious programs onto your network. Simply advising your employees to avoid clicking “suspicious” links is no longer enough. TechBrain’s cyber security training will help your employees: Understand the importance and relevance of your organisation’s cyber security policy Manage anti-virus software and apps with confidence Get familiar and comfortable with common security measures, as well as your company’s incident response plan Learn how to better protect their own data at home, on mobile devices, and when using social media Discover the many tools at their disposal to improve the security of your organisation’s ICT environment Through ongoing cyber security training and awareness training, every member of your organisation can play a valuable role in keeping your ICT environment and software secure. We can also assist you with tailored access management solutions, further protecting your most sensitive data from unnecessary threats and vulnerabilities.

Proactive cyber security management and organisational security policy

TechSure’s primary focus is identifying weaknesses within an organisation’s infrastructure, and using that information to provide recommendations on ways those risks can be mitigated. We accomplish this through an ever-growing series of checks and audits, designed to continuously improve your IT security. Why is this important? When a new type of malware or ransomware enters the digital domain, even the very best anti-virus software may not be able to stop it. The cyber security industry as a whole is incredibly advanced and effective – but cyber security attacks (and the technology attackers use) are constantly evolving too. New threats are emerging all the time. This is why any kind of cyber security management plan needs to make allowance for the worst-case scenario. TechSure aims to offer protection at every level, from constant malware detection and threat monitoring, to containment protocols, contingency backups, and ransomware removal. This means that even if cyber attackers target your organisation directly, your critical data, software and IP remain safely backed up where online threats can’t reach them. It’s important to remember that IT security is always evolving, and finding ways to reduce weaknesses wherever possible is always your best strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer vulnerability assessments?
Yes we do. Vulnerability assessments are a crucial part of our IT security services. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to limit IT security threats without one, as you just don’t know where you stand. We’ll do a thorough examination of your backup processes, password protocols, firewalls, access management, existing IT security solutions and much more. In high-risk industries or where particularly sensitive data is concerned, we can also offer regular scheduled cyber vulnerability assessments.
What’s the biggest mistake small businesses make when it comes to IT security basics?
One of the most common mistakes we see small businesses make is putting all their faith in just one data backup system. And to make matters worse, then never testing to see whether it’s actually working! Unless you can actually restore your entire system back to a fully functional state from your backups, you’re wasting time and money. And while it’s true that small businesses may be less obvious targets for cyber attackers, they’re just as likely to suffer a breach through human factors like accidental installation of malicious programs. Whether you’re a small business or a large government agency, TechBrain’s dedicated IT security services can help you.
Do you offer assistance with Privacy Policies / Personal Data Policies?
While we can’t offer to write them for you, we’re happy to work with your HR and/or legal team to help you draw up personal data policies. This service includes providing recommendations, and also assisting with validating the compliance. With so many organisations now offering employees the chance to work from home or bring their own device into the office, having a formal Privacy and Personal Data Policy in place is critical. Our experts can help with security and compliance, device encryption, training, internet security policies, data breach response plans and much more.
What makes TechBrain better than other cyber security companies in Perth?
Firstly, our IT security solutions are backed by years of experience. We’ve worked with small businesses, SMEs, government organisations, and international corporates. We understand that secure IT services start with getting to know your organisation, industry, and unique challenges. Unlike many other IT security companies, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter policies. Your approach to IT infrastructure security should be as unique as your business is. Combine this with our industry-leading response times, flexible service level agreements and competitive rates, and it’s not hard to see why we’re considered the foremost experts in IT security in Perth and across Australia.
If you want value for money IT security and complete peace of mind, then give us a call today! TechBrain – delivering solutions that address evolving security standards in a cost effective and easily delivered manner.

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