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IT infrastructure refers to the hardware, software, and network components that you have and use within your organisation. Nowadays, every small and large business needs to have some type of IT infrastructure to handle their day-to-day operations. If you’re a small business owner you’re most likely not even thinking about setting up your own in-house IT department.

However, you still need someone to maintain your existing infrastructure and upgrade it when the time is right. At TechBrain, we are dedicated to helping businesses in Australia with our IT infrastructure service. Let us deal with the tech stuff while you focus on your business and area of expertise.

The main components of an IT infrastructure

There are three main types of components in an IT infrastructure, including:

  1. Hardware:Hardware refers to the physical components of an infrastructure. It consists of equipment like computers, servers, routers, switches, data centres, cabling, power, cooling, and storage centres.
  2. Software:Software includes all the applications you use either for internal operations or to provide your services to your customer base. Components that make up software include operating systems, web servers, customer relationship management software, and enterprise resource planning software.
  3. Network: There are both hardware and software components within your network. All of these components share the same purpose – to establish communication between all devices. The components that make up your network have to ensure security, internet connectivity, and network enablement. They are also responsible for storing and transferring your data.

These are all components of a traditional IT infrastructure. In other words, they’re components that you yourself buy and use. Nevertheless, you now have other options of acquiring hardware and software that you use for business purposes. At TechBrain, we offer our clients the opportunity to have a cloud infrastructure. This means that you can essentially rent hardware and software components hosted on a cloud. Check out our Hardware as a Service and Software as a Service offers to find out more about renting tech infrastructure.

What are IT infrastructure services?

There are a few different phrases to creating a good IT environment. The first phase is planning and figuring out which components to buy. The second phase is setting up the equipment. The third phase is about using the components you bought. The fourth and final phase refers to optimizing your IT infrastructure.

TechBrain can offer quality assistance in each of these four phases to ensure that your day-to-day operations are running as smoothly as possible. Our IT infrastructure solutions can boost your data security, improve your productivity, reduce your maintenance needs, and increase employee satisfaction.

The IT infrastructure services we offer

We have a dedicated team of experts in Perth that provide various IT infrastructure services, including:

  • Infrastructure consulting Finding the right equipment for your enterprise can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know a lot about technology. When you’re buying components, do you really know that you’re making the right choices? What if there are products that are better suited for your business? These are the things you won’t have to worry about if you use our IT infrastructure solutions. Our team will come up with ideas to boost the efficiency of your environment. We can also help teach your employees more about the equipment they’re using.
  • Infrastructure management Apart from consulting, we also offer IT infrastructure management services. There are a number of things we can help you with when it comes to managing your environment, such as monitoring, administration, evolution, and troubleshooting. We can help you avoid any security or performance issues by keeping an eye on your components and systems. We can also solve any problems you may be currently experiencing. Simply let us know more about your IT issues and we’ll have our experts fix them in no time. Finally, our infrastructure evolution services will allow you to utilise brand new equipment for maximum productivity. We can also change your current environment and transfer your workloads to the cloud.
  • Cloud infrastructure services Our IT technicians and engineers can offer their cloud computing expertise to transfer your workloads to the cloud. Your migration to the cloud can result in increased efficiency and better security. There are three basic types of cloud infrastructure you can choose from – the hybrid cloud, private cloud, and public cloud.
  • Data centre infrastructure management Data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) is important regardless of the size of your data centre. DCIM can help you predict any potential problems that may occur in the future, keep your costs low, and allow you to maximize the power of your IT equipment. TechBrain has data centre experts that can provide various services. We can perform data migration to the cloud with minimal downtime, create a disaster recovery plan, as well as install and upgrade data centre components.

Benefits of our IT infrastructure services

In case you’re still wondering whether your business needs IT infrastructure support, you should take a look at some of the benefits of our services.

  • Our IT infrastructure solutions will boost your security and reduce the likelihood of data loss. We will also prepare a plan to keep your data safe in the event of an attack or disaster.
  • The overall productivity at your organisation will increase significantly.
  • You can reduce your costs through migration to the cloud. We also offer Hardware as a Service and Software as a Service to business owners who want to keep their costs low by renting equipment.
  • Our team of experts will solve every issue you and your employees tell us about. This will have a very positive effect on employee satisfaction at your company.
  • We can upgrade your existing infrastructure to improve your efficiency.

TechBrain is one of the IT infrastructure services companies that works together with you. We provide suggestions and solutions that will not only make your tech environment better, but positively affect your business operations as well.

Are you interested in learning more about our IT infrastructure services? Contact us today to find out how we can help your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design my infrastructure?
Absolutely! Our IT infrastructure design services will ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible. Simply let us know what your needs are when it comes to your day-to-day operations and we’ll come up with a tech environment perfectly suited for your company. We can design your infrastructure regardless of whether you already have equipment or not.
I already have an internal IT support staff, does my company need your services?
It’s a good idea for small business owners to have at least one person serve as in-house IT support. If you already have someone on your team who is tasked with resolving minor issues that doesn’t interfere with our work. Our IT service at TechBrain will help you with infrastructure administration, troubleshooting, remote IT monitoring, and evolution. We’ll create a security plan specifically for your business to ensure that your data remains safe.
What if a problem occurs over the weekend?
In the event that a problem occurs over the weekend you shouldn’t worry. Our technicians in Perth are always available. You can get in touch with us no matter what day or time it is. There will always be someone from our IT response team ready to analyse and tackle the problem you have in a short time period.
Can you help me get new software and hardware products?
We can help you get new software and hardware products either by recommending what we feel is best to add to your existing infrastructure or by renting it to you. At TechBrain, we offer both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Hardware as a Service (Haas) to our clients. That means that you can rent software and hardware products from us at an affordable price. This is an excellent option for small business owners who are on a tight budget but need a good tech environment.

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