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What is Hardware as a Service (Haas)?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) offers small and medium-sized businesses a way to lease computing power from a reputable central service provider. Like with other service-based models, HaaS allows you to lease tech assets rather than purchasing them.

Many companies choose to lease hardware because it gives them access to the latest technology at an affordable cost. If your organisation needs computing power but your budget doesn’t allow you to buy new equipment, it makes sense to get in touch with Hardware as a Service providers near you.

Today, most businesses rely on IT technology for different tasks. However, the IT world is constantly evolving, which means that your computer or laptop can quickly become outdated. Although some organisations can afford to buy new equipment every year or two, a large portion of them can’t.

How HaaS works


There are a few different HaaS models that are used. The simplest model involves a contract that you sign for the administration and maintenance of computer hardware on site. Essentially, your business leases IT equipment that is installed in your offices and maintained by professionals.

The most common type of HaaS involves collective computing environments. Basically, HaaS participants use Internet protocol (IP) connections in collective computing environments to exploit the computing power of far-off hardware. You simply send your data to us, and our hardware will do the work. After everything is done, we’ll then send it back. HaaS allows individual small- to mid-sized businesses to lease computing power, thus avoiding heavy expenditure on hardware and IP bandwidth.

Another option that users have is HaaS in cloud computing. This model revolves around the use of active computing hardware and data storage media as components of a remotely provisioned service. No matter which model you choose, you will gain access to enterprise-grade hardware at an affordable monthly rate.

What Hardware as a Service companies do

If you were to lease equipment for your organisation, you would have to install it and take care of maintenance. Although you would be covered under a warranty, if you ever experienced an issue with the hardware you’d have to send it back to the lease company. This is incredibly inconvenient if a desktop computer or server stops working.

Leasing equipment is a lot different from seeking the help of Hardware as a Service companies. What we at TechBrain offer our customers is a solution that is installed for you by our team of IT experts. Should there be a problem with the hardware at any point, our engineers will take care of it. All that you will have to pay is a monthly fee to TechBrain as the service provider.

5 benefits of Hardware as a Service

Some of the main benefits of HaaS (Hardware as a Service) include:

  1. No upfront payment required

    That means that you can get access to the latest hardware instantly. This is a much better option than searching for the right equipment, buying it, and installing it yourself.

  2. Access to unique applications

    HaaS is a managed service that comes with great features, like server storage and cloud computing solutions.

  3. We take care of the maintenance

    Instead of your employees trying to fix problems with their computers and experiencing hardware headaches, our experts will solve every issue that you have.

  4. No costly unexpected hardware failure

    This means you’ll be able to stop worrying about how much money you’re going to spend on fixing your equipment. HaaS is a managed IT service that will keep your IT infrastructure working as long as you regularly pay the monthly fee.

  5. No obsolete equipment

    When a new version of the technology you’re using gets released, TechBrain can perform hardware renewal at your organisation as part of asset lifecycle management.

Considering the many benefits you can experience by using HaaS, it’s no wonder that it has become such a popular managed service in recent years. TechBrain provides guidance for every customer in order to help them understand how they can use HaaS to their advantage. We’re also dedicated to catering to the unique goals of our users. For instance, we are able to supply a range of cloud computing HaaS solutions for cloud service providers.

If you want to have access to the latest technology at a fixed monthly cost without having to worry about installing and maintaining it, then contact us today! Our HaaS model offers the perfect solution for replacing your old hardware and increasing your business’s scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use HaaS?
HaaS is a managed service that was mostly created for small and medium-sized businesses. It is an especially good option for new businesses or those that are currently growing rapidly and need to expand their use of hardware. If that sounds like you, then TechBrain’s HaaS solutions are ideal for your organisation. On the other hand, very large corporations may be better off buying their equipment and creating a large in-house IT support team that will take care of the administration and maintenance of both the hardware and software.
Will my company save money by using HaaS?
The amazing thing about Hardware as a Service is that it can provide you with both the latest hardware and more working capital. After all, you’ll essentially be converting a huge capital expense into an operating expense that is easier to manage. Not only that, but you won’t need to maintain an in-house IT support team. Instead, you can use that extra capital to expand your business.
What if the hardware stops working?
In the event you do experience hardware failure, simply get in touch. Our IT response team at TechBrain will fix the issue as soon as possible. To further minimize downtime, we can also proactively monitor your systems to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring in the first place.
Who owns the equipment in an HaaS contract?
Even though you’re free to use it however you like, TechBrain or its partner does remain the owner of the equipment for the duration of the contract. If you wish, we’re happy to negotiate a reduced purchase price so you can buy the equipment (rent to buy) when the contract expires.
How is Hardware as a Service different from leasing?
HaaS is a managed service that includes installation, maintenance, and support. You don’t just get the hardware, but an IT support staff at your disposal as well. With TechBrain’s innovative HaaS facility, you no longer need to ensure that you are equipped with the newest piece of hardware- we do it for you. Before your technology and equipment become obsolete, we replace it with today’s technology. It’s as simple as that!

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