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Harden Your Defences from Afar with Meraki

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Simple to deploy and manage remotely, Meraki’s cloud-managed firewalls ensure your security is up to scratch.

    In some ways you might think of Cisco’s Meraki firewalls as the Apple products of the business networking world, in that they’re surprisingly easy to use devices which “just work”. They’re ideal for managing your security at remote locations as they provide cloud-based deployment and management, you simply need to plug them into an internet connection and then you can access them remotely.

    To make life even easier, you can control all your Meraki networking devices through a single central console, accessible from anywhere. Meraki also offers a systems management solution, free to use with up to 100 devices, which extends that cloud management to endpoint devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. To beef up your security you’ll also find support for web-based configuration of Virtual Private Networks, even over dynamic addressed internet services.

    Meraki networking gear provides next-gen firewall capabilities, including Layer 7 visibility for application-based control. Traditionally only available via expensive enterprise-grade networking gear, Layer 7 visibility allows Meraki switches to automatically identify and report the activities of hundreds of applications – from business apps to the likes of YouTube and BitTorrent – so you know exactly what’s travelling across your network. With this comes exceptional analytical reporting and the added benefit of content filtering.

    More than just firewall features, Meraki gear offers Unified Threat Management which includes intrusion prevention to keep out unwanted guests and anti-phishing/anti-malware filtering to stop your people falling prey to incoming threats.

    People can be the weakest link in the security chain and Meraki acknowledges that not all of your people work in the office. The Meraki Z1 Teleworker Gateway designed for staff working at home – including a firewall, VPN client and 802.11n wireless access point – to ensure their work activities at home don’t put your business at risk.

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