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More than just backing up your data

For a lot of companies, data sits at the core of their success. Should the worst happen and data is lost, it can have crippling repercussions across many sections of the business. But, disaster recovery is so much more than simply backing up your data. It’s about preparation against all possible eventualities. It includes the ability to relocate to another location, far from your home base, swiftly and with limited or no disruption in service. It ensures that your critical systems and infrastructure are safe from unplanned downtime or malicious activity. Ultimately, it protects your data allowing disaster prevention and recovery through proven and effective best practice solutions.

The extent to which a company can protect its data from technology-related disaster is a matter of planned preparedness and risk assessment. If you fail to plan, you make your organization vulnerable to failure. Downtime can severely damage the survivability of your business and affect the reputation of your brand, your ability to service your customers, and your bottom line. Especially for organisations that run mission critical applications, even a little downtime can lead to an immediate financial loss, and a long, winding road to recovery.

Based in Perth, TechBrain’s disaster recovery solutions are perfect for mid-sized or small businesses that need help to test, configure, and provision effective disaster recovery plans. TechBrain can assist you by creating plans for data recovery to ensure the recovery time is minimised and your exposure is mitigated. We can help you provide a Letter of Test Performance and a Test Phase engagement in the program, so that your team can be confident you’re ready to face any situation.

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