Cyber Security

Cyber Security – A Safety Strategy for your Business

Alexander Darcy



Alexander Darcy

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    Cyber security has become the buzz word of late as a result of all the security breaches and internet hackings. But, do businesses truly understand the absolute necessity of protecting business and client information?

    Managing a business comes with a host of responsibilities, and protecting your information is likely the single-most important one of all. Unsecured networks, non-existent risk management strategies and poor security policies can lead to the demise of any long-standing business. It only takes one incident of breach to cost the company millions.

    What is cyber security?

    Cyber security is the act of ensuring your company in well protected from any incidence of breach or hacking – and that the business and client information is secure.

    Protect your businesses

    There are a few simple strategies to put in place to ensure your business credentials remain safe. They are:

    1. When dealing with any sensitive information, or conducting financial transactions – ensure you are operating on a secured network. This can easily be noted by the ‘s’ after http. For example: https://
    2. Put in place a risk management strategy. It is challenging to secure all your business information – but a concerted effort can be made to secure the most important information. Devise what the most critical data is – and put steps in place to ensure its security.
    3. Educate staff on how to keep information secure. A good security policy is essential for every business. TechBrain specialises in writing good security policies and putting essential risk management strategies in place. Contact TechBrain today to ensure your data is secure!