Core Values, Culture and Amazing People

Core Values


1. Be passionate and determined

2. Pursue remarkable outcomes and WOW the customer – Take ownership and deliver a unique and exceptional TechBrain customer experience

3. Embrace and drive innovation and change

4. Pursue growth and learning


Our Culture

We want a culture we love. A culture that:


Creating a Company We Love

  • TB Champions Award to recognise “top jobs” that exceed expectations, overcome challenges and demonstrate the value of collaboration
  • Growth & Learning Award to recognise outstanding individual focus on development
  • WOW Award to recognise individuals who pursue remarkable customer outcomes
  • Quarterly team building events
  • Loyalty Awards to recognise team members who are loyal
  • Overall Employee of the Year Award
  • Social Contribution to recognise that we make a living from what we get but a life from what we give
  • Funky Sock Friday with funky socks as a gift to new team members and to each employee on their birthday (with a second pair for them to gift to a client)
  • Unlimited Annual Leave. The company will continue to provide 4 weeks paid leave. You can take as much unpaid leave as you like after that provided you discuss and agree it with us first
  • Ensuring we create an environment our team can thrive in along with the right tools to ensure they can Wow! the Customer.

Our Best Perk

We believe our best perk is amazing people. (but note: we are not a utopian workplace; we are not a perfect fit for everyone and not every amazing person is a great fit for us)

What Do We Look For


What makes people awesome for us? We value the following 5 attributes

  • Humble – self aware and respectful, sharing credit when things go well while shouldering responsibility when they don’t
  • Effective – measurably moves the needle and immeasurably adds value, just do things, are resourceful and take ownership
  • Adaptable – curious, lifelong learner
  • Remarkable – smart, helpful, energising
  • Transparent – open and honest with others and themselves
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Courtney Smyth, Senior Systems Engineer

How Do We Keep Amazing People


Like Netflix says: we’re a team, not a family. We hire, develop and cut smartly so we have stars in every position. Like Hubspot says: we don’t hire asses. We try really hard not to hire jerks.

We hire to elevate not delegate. We seek to bring people in that can teach us something so that we continually raise our average. We want to be as proud of the people we build as the company we build. To do that we need to invest in increasing individual mastery.  We do this by providing big challenges because amazing people don’t like average goals. This requires ongoing one on one effort. We’re prepared to do that because you are important. People progress at TechBrain by gaining mastery as an individual contributor and making magic OR by providing spectacular support to those who are making magic.

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