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One way TechBrain differentiates itself is through the provision of a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to our Managed Service clients at no additional cost.

With so many different cloud services available and more applications being released all the time, how do you know you’re receiving the very best cloud services for the requirements and budget of your organisation? At TechBrain, we demystify the cloud by explaining in simple terms how every one of our cloud service solutions will benefit your business requirements and which, frankly, you could do without.

We know SME budgets are tight, so we work with you to create a bespoke cloud infrastructure that provides the best solution for your business requirements so you can reap the benefits of cloud computing.

As part of our managed IT services, you will get vCIO services that will help determine if you need business cloud services.

Our cloud computing services

Not all clouds are the same and no one cloud service is right for every business. We mix and match our cloud computing services and deployment types to create the perfect, cost-effective solutions for you.

Cloud architecture

The first job is to determine the type of cloud computing technology deployment your services will be implemented on. There are a number of considerations to take into account, such as the type of files you’ll be storing and sharing and your available bandwidth for the cloud server. Your options include:
    • Public cloud – We give you on-demand access to data centres and enterprise-grade servers so you can access your services from the cloud platform and manage your account simply using a web browser.
    • Private cloud – If you operate in a sector with strict security and compliance regulations then private cloud computing could be the best option for you. Using a private cloud service can allow you to optimise security, storage, and sturdy data centre resilience without a costly IT investment.
    • Hybrid cloud – You can choose the best option, either public or private cloud, for each application or system. That gives your business more deployment options and greater flexibility in your choice of technology.

Cloud services

Through our partners we offer a variety of cloud computing services in Perth so you can deploy secure and scalable solutions while significantly reducing the risk associated with web-based applications. Our partners enable us to deliver cloud computing services which include:
  • Store, backup and recover data – Protect your data in a cost-effective way and on a far greater scale by transferring your data to a secure cloud storage technology system you can access from any location or device.
  • Web application hosting – Access multi-platform hosting solutions that provide a scalable, cost-effective and flexible way to deliver web applications and websites.
  • Security – Benefit from security commonly enjoyed by large enterprise companies with data centres that are subject to regular audits and data that’s backed up across multiple servers.
  • Content delivery – Serve all types of content to end-users with exceptional levels of availability, efficiency, and performance.
  • Deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) – Offer the latest versions of software and provide updates to customers whenever they need it, wherever they are.
  • Analyse data – Unify your data across teams and locations and use cloud services such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover insights and make more informed decisions.

Specific requirements

We also work with businesses that have more specific requirements and to provide solutions by putting bespoke cloud services in place.
    • Data recovery – Leading cloud-based data recovery services to protect your business. If the worst does happen, rest assured that there’s a simple solution for backup services in place.
    • Project resourcing – Change the rules on project commissioning and respond to changes to timeframes and deliverables in minutes.
    • Data archival – We have a solution for all your archival requirements with automated backup, disaster recovery and enterprise-grade security so you know your data is in safe hands.

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