Software As a Service

What is SaaS?

Also known as on-demand software, SaaS technology makes programs and applications available over the web, rather than asking businesses to download and install them on their own computers. This means they can be accessed from anywhere, and your organisation doesn’t need to worry about things like updates, configuration, and patches yourself. Various service models and pricing options also allow for greater flexibility and efficiency.

In your personal life, a streaming service like Netflix is an example of a SaaS system, but with their service directed at individual consumers rather than at businesses. On an organisational level, third-party vendor products such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Hubspot and ZenDesk are common SaaS business use examples.


IaaS and PaaS, versus Software as a Service

Historically, enterprises have operated their software on their own computer networks or internal infrastructure. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) are partially self-managed solutions. However, in recent years, many customers and vendors have switched to the Software as a Service business model.

IaaS and PaaS still rely on the business owner to maintain many of the services, where SaaS systems allow business owners to focus on other aspects of their organisation, and watch as their business grows. SaaS applications are an ingenious and secure process of delivering applications over the net.

What software as a service companies do:

A third-party vendor, also known as a SaaS company, develops a cloud-based software application and then operates and hosts that service over the Internet for clients who subscribe to the service provider. Software companies are developing more and more software solutions that are optimised for use with cloud providers on the cloud platform.

With the SaaS offerings, businesses no longer have to buy, install, update, and maintain software and hardware, freeing them from intricate hardware and software management. Software solutions like SaaS applications will provide your company with the technology and tools you need to be a leader in your industry, leaving the hard work to the service provider to manage your software and apps.

SaaS Services tailored to your organisation:

Cloud services technology and ever-faster network speeds have now developed far enough for Software as a Service (SaaS) to be the most sensible and efficient way of utilising software apps and technology. TechBrain can deliver solutions for your business by using SaaS technologies to give you an excellent experience with cloud applications and storage options.

This method also allows TechBrain to provide you with the solutions to develop, host and manage your software and apps. This means you no longer face the challenges of investing in the equipment, products, and staff to do it in-house. TechBrain has access to cloud-based applications for SaaS solutions for your company so that you can have a competitive advantage over your contemporaries.

What are the benefits of SaaS?

Some of the most notable benefits of SaaS include:

Cloud based applications mean you can access the software application you need from any device, anywhere, anytime Dramatically reduced costs thanks to cloud market prices Automatic updates help keep your business data secure Scalable: easily level up your tools and apps as your business grows Huge variety of software available, from social media solutions to machine learning products Vendor and cloud platform competition means new, innovative software solutions are emerging all the time Greater efficiency thanks to pre-configured tools – experience benefits straight away

Perth SME’s use a SaaS cloud computing service provider to help them to get the most out of cloud storage and software delivery. We specialise in technology solutions like running SaaS applications on servers, and can manage access to the application, its performance, its availability, and its security.

Businesses that partner with us eliminate the need to purchase additional infrastructure equipment, extra storage solutions, or software licensing, and only pay a minimal monthly fee for using the software. Using this SaaS subscription model moves your company to be free to spend time and money on other aspects of your business. Contact us today to take advantage of the many benefits of SaaS.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between SaaS and PaaS?

While SaaS and PaaS share several characteristics, it’s mainly how they’re used that differentiates them.

PaaS vs SaaS models:

PaaS, or Platform as a Service, is essentially a platform that software developers can use to create their own apps. AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a good example of a PaaS system.

SaaS systems, as we talked about above, is any software that can be accessed on demand over the web. Examples include Google Apps, GoToMeeting, and accounting, HR or tax software your business uses through a web browser rather than via a desktop program.

What about PaaS vs IaaS?

IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, focuses around on-demand access to hardware and computing resources and storage. IaaS gives companies all the benefits of their own data centre, just without the need to maintain it. At the same time though, they are able to administrate, monitor and access their resources through virtual machines. Amazon Web Services AWS is a prime example of IaaS.

Is SaaS the right option for my office?

Software companies are continuously offering new and innovative SaaS products. The top SaaS companies like HubSpot, Google and Microsoft allow businesses to access world class apps and programs, from sales to HR, without exorbitant fees.

With remote work becoming such an increasingly popular option, taking advantage of SaaS now makes sense for virtually every business model. Even the smallest startups can now afford to use the very best software out there thanks to flexible SaaS software licensing plans.

Unless you’re in a highly specialised industry, SaaS can accelerate your business growth, and help you overcome challenges like never before. We’ve seen SaaS transform business operations, and give our customers an unprecedented competitive advantage.

When you partner with TechBrain, we’ll help you find the SaaS development plan that’s perfect for your needs. Free up your employee’s time for value-adding tasks, while your SaaS implementation makes the admin easy!

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    Looking for IT solutions in Perth? If your business is looking for a trusted IT partner with nationwide capability, TechBrain is here to support you.