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The Response Team function is the first of four Service Delivery Areas within the TechBrain Managed IT Service Offering. One of the key ways we service clients is to provide IT support remotely.

TechBrain has called its IT Help Desk in Perth the Response Team because that is exactly what they do – they respond, fast. Importantly TechBrain delivers a consistently strong service based on a process that reduces the number of tickets as well as the time it takes to resolve those tickets. That suits us and it suits you – so our interests are truly aligned unlike many other remote IT Support businesses who charge by the hour and have an interest in the issues recurring and taking longer to resolve.

TechBrain’s Response Team

  1. Is your single point of contact
  2. Sets expectations for clients in the service delivery process so we ensure they excel
  3. Handle all reactive issues
  4. Dispatch jobs to other parts of the business
The essence of TechBrain’s Response Team is to resolve issues, manage client expectations and to identify patterns and issues in our process and delivery to ensure we improve. The performance of the Response Team is measured by happy clients. Our Response Team engineers feel they have a rewarding job because clients get to know them and they enjoy the strong client relationships that they develop. They are the first line of defense who get to look at everything coming in and influence all the service delivery areas.
  • Single point of contact for reactive support
  • Phone, email, support portal, monitoring alarms
  • Set and manage client expectations
  • Escalate reactive issues within the engineering team and, where necessary, to on-site support

On-site support

For issues that can’t be resolved remotely we have dedicated specialists who provide exceptional on site support to clients. Well trained, experienced, friendly and with strong communication skills, our on-site Response Team engineers are loved by our customers.

A Word From One of Our Valued Clients

“TechBrain’s staff are friendly and helpful, and know how to explain complex IT solutions to our employees. We look forward to continuing our successful working relationship.”

– Ed Connect Australia

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