Hybrid Cloud

The term “hybrid cloud” refers to an infrastructure that is a combination of on-premise server infrastructure and different cloud based solutions. Not all applications are “cloud ready” or suited and must therefore be maintained in an on-premise infrastructure. We refer to a mixture of cloud and on-premise infrastructure as a “hybrid cloud”. Hybrid cloud allows organizations to get the best of both worlds, choosing the best solution by each application or system. Speak to our team of cloud experts at Techbrain on what hybrid cloud services best suit your business needs. We offer hybrid cloud services in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and other major cities in Australia.


  • Combined benefit of private and public infrastructures.
  • This includes increased efficiency and the flexibility to meet disparate needs.
  • Building a hybrid cloud with private infrastructure that’s directly accessible greatly reduces access time and latency in comparison to an public cloud services.
  • Flexibility in designs.
  • Particularly valuable for dynamic or highly changeable workloads.


  • Integration of applications and security can attract a higher management overhead.
  • Dilution of knowledge – multiple vendors can result in loss of control over systems knowledge.
  • Security risk is increased as credentials may not be integrated or synchronised
  • Systems can be “detached” if poorly implemented.
  • Complex licensing model that can be cumbersome to manage and can potentially introduces duplicate costs.

Cost Ramifications:

  • Can opt for the best value solution based on each application or data set
  • Can become more expensive if integration of systems is not properly handled
  • Can increase complexity of design and therefore increase operational costs
If you are considering a hybrid cloud service solution for your organisation in Australia please call us for a no obligation discussion on your options around cloud, hybrid and on premise. We can undertake an analysis of the costs associated with each alternative and, with consideration to your operational needs and longer term business objectives, make recommendations that will save you time and money.

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