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With phishing and malware attacks on the rise, simple anti-virus software won’t cut it anymore. A robust system backup is your best line of defence against attackers using crypto viruses to hold Australian businesses at ransom, which can cost thousands in data loss. It may sound simple, but having regular and thorough tools for backups of all your files and systems in secure cloud storage allows you far greater flexibility when dealing with all kinds of recovery, managing business crises and to prevent data loss.

System backups aren’t a technology issue, they’re a business issue. The costs of data loss, software malfunctions and trying to recover the lost data are too high and the risk too significant for business owners to ignore, and it’s not just reasons like the threat of cyber attack or a loss of data that a backup plan can help prevent, crises such as an office burglary or simply a burst water pipe flooding the server room. You can help avoid catastrophes and mitigate your risk with proper backups and data loss protection in place. TechBrain’s Perth office provides business-grade backup storage systems that do not just ensure your data is safe from theft or an outage, we also protect software for mission critical systems – delivering fast disaster recovery times, monitoring and flexible business continuity options so you can get back on your feet quickly with minimal disruption, storage infiltration and data loss or data leakage. Seek us to protect yourself against significant data loss and malicious attacks that can bring businesses to their knees. Worried about your IT? Get in touch!

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