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“TechBrain are far and
away the very best
in IT support”

Allion Legal

We’ve taken a fresh approach to IT.

We don’t bring hoses when you have a fire. We prevent the fire starting.

To keep you ahead of the competition we ensure that your technology is always up-to-date, secure and running smoothly – with unlimited support for one fixed price monthly fee.

By eliminating problems and maximising productivity, TechBrain will keep you a continual step ahead. That’s why we see ourselves as a business partner, not a supplier.

We’ll never dazzle you with jargon. Instead, we’ll simply take the steps needed to introduce efficiencies, improve employee productivity and enhance your customer’s experience.

That’s the TechBrain way.

Courtney Smyth – Senior Systems Engineer
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How we’re different

TechBrain isn’t the same as other IT companies

We Listen

Support from TechBrain’s Response Team is unlimited. Anyone in your office can call us, about anything. Plus, we’ll make a monthly visit to your premises to check everything over.

We Innovate

Since 2003, TechBrain has delivered value for organisations by thinking of how we can use technology to drive your business forwards. We take pride in innovative solutions.

We Protect

In exchange for a no fixed term, flat monthly fee, TechBrain ensures your IT is always at its best. We continually monitor your system to stop potential problems before they happen.

We Deliver

We have enabled multiple clients to grow, lower their REAL cost of IT and increase their profitability. We don’t just embrace world-class methods, we deliver on them.

10 ways we deliver

  • Our service is about your business model
  • Our help desk is staffed from 8am to 5pm
  • Calls answered by a person, not a machine
  • We’re Microsoft certified to stay current
  • We don’t patch problems, we prevent them instead
  • We’re customised to your requirements
  • We’re locally staffed by people you’ll meet
  • You’ll never face sales people with quotas
  • We offer measurable results not SLA’s
  • Our dedicated team has defined roles, no multi-tasking

Meet the team

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The Dangers of Ignoring Data Backup

Data loss is a significant business risk that senior management cannot afford to ignore.

With malware attacks on the rise, a robust backup system is your best line of defence against cryptoviruses holding Australian businesses to ransom.

Download our vital guide to keeping your business safe, now.

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