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When size does matter, TechBrain can provide a video wall of practically any size and shape to suit your needs.

Standing out from the crowd is important at any event and a video wall rental solution from TechBrain will allow you to do just that. With 110-inch (measured diagonally) 2×2 arrays and 165-inch 3×3 arrays readily available, and using TechBrain’s unique fixed-frame solution, you can have a video wall up and running at your event in as little as an hour. These specially-made frames take away the need for the fiddly alignment and adjustment traditionally associated with video wall installation that could make the process take even days to complete.

TechBrain uses individual 55-inch panels to assemble video walls of maximum size with a minimum number of panels and aside from the aforementioned 2×2 and 3×3 arrays, practically any custom combination of panels can be set up. 2×3, 4×2, 4×4, 4×3, 2×4, 6×2, 3×1 and other combinations of panels have all been successfully configured to date.

All video wall rental solutions from TechBrain can be supplied freestanding on Truss assemblies or can be wall-mounted. Ceiling-hung assemblies have also been achieved via a suitable rigging service provider.

Call our sales team or request a quote online to talk about how our video wall rental options can maximise the impact of your next event.

Samsung 165 Inch 3x3 Semi Seamless Video Wall

Samsung 165 Inch 3×3 Semi Seamless Video Wall

Samsung 110 Inch 2x2 Semi Seamless Video Wall

Samsung 110 Inch 2×2 Semi Seamless Video Wall

Samsung Custom Video Wall

Samsung Custom Video Wall

NEC V552 55 Inch Video Wall Display

NEC V552 55 Inch Video Wall Display

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