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Regardless of the size of your organisation, IT support is critical for a functioning and effective business. Here at TechBrain, we offer an IT support service to assist small to medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are typically businesses too small to have their own IT department or a dedicated IT program. These businesses still require up to date, efficient technology to remain ahead of the market and can benefit from having a trusted, proactive IT partner.


SME IT support that delivers

TechBrain’s managed IT support for small to medium-sized businesses (those with around 10-200 employees) offers tailored, innovative IT service options to help you improve productivity, functionality, efficiency, staff morale and positive IT staff experience, customer service and profitability. From Perth, we can work with you to discuss your IT preferences and budget, and we can develop a plan to help as your business changes and grows. Our Perth SME support team can provide your organisation with a fully operational IT support team, dedicated IT support processes, consulting, training, and some of the best tools in the industry. With proper IT support, SMEs are able to save considerable time, financial resources and avoid the added stress of managing your own small-scale IT department. Stop worrying about outages, out of date technology, lifecycle management, data management or any of the vast complexities of IT systems. You can leave that all to us!

Experience quality company IT support that aligns with your business goals

TechBrain offers:
  • Analysis of IT requirements in line with your budget, time frame and business goals
  • Comprehensive IT security
  • Flexible IT packages to suit your budget, from basic to all-inclusive
  • On-site or cloud solutions that can be adapted as your business grows
  • Flexible IT packages to suit your budget, from basic to all-inclusive
  • IT expertise with innovative, cutting-edge solutions to improve efficiency
  • Stringent security, disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Peace of mind for small business owners
  • Consulting services with an eye on the long term growth of your company
Our computer technicians deal with security threats, hardware and software, so you can focus on keeping your business running.

Frequently asked questions

Aren’t business IT services expensive?
At TechBrain, we understand that SMEs need to keep their overheads down. That’s why we’re committed to offering exceptional business IT support – at exceptionally competitive prices! The reality is that technology has become an integral part of doing business in the modern world. For smaller businesses, trying to run your IT in-house might sound like a clever way to save money in the short term – but it rarely pays off in the long run. One major IT disaster can be enough to sink an SME. By taking advantage of our small business IT support services at a fixed monthly rate, however, that disaster need never arise. We have a range of flexible packages available to suit every office and budget. These services are fully scalable as your business grows, meaning you only pay for the solutions you need. Don’t waste time or money better spent elsewhere. We’re confident that the increased efficiency, productivity and reliability of your IT environment will ensure a great return on investment. Give us a shout, and you’ll see that comprehensive, high-quality business IT support really doesn’t need to be costly at all.
Do you offer on-site IT support?
For many of our managed IT service clients, we’re able to keep an eye on your operations from afar thanks to our monitoring service. This includes:
  • Software and Network monitoring
  • Cloud environment monitoring
  • Mobile device management
…and generally keeping a watchful eye on the ICT you depend on for your day-to-day business operations. This is a proactive service, meaning we’re frequently able to identify and resolve potential issues before you even become aware of them! Of course, all our clients will need on-site IT support from time to time, and TechBrain’s experienced team is always standing by to assist. Our fast response is legendary, and our support team has years of experience. We’re committed to keeping your organisation’s IT environment running efficiently, whatever your unique business requirements might be.
Why is small business IT support important?
Dedicated business IT support services can benefit businesses of all sizes in so many ways. And as the world becomes an ever more digital place, your company’s future profit will become intricately connected with how well you use technology to your advantage. Simply put, the right technology grows your business. Discerning customers will want to know the services you offer –and their personal data– are safe and secure. From which backup and storage solutions you choose, to how you leverage tech to respond to potential clients in a timely manner, the IT decisions you make have real consequences for your bottom line. It’s our job to make sure you choose wisely! Partner with us, and we’ll guarantee you receive the best and most experienced small business it solutions Perth and Australia have to offer. We ensure your business keeps running, whatever it takes.
What small business IT services do you offer?
Training: Help your employees improve their technical and cybersecurity skills, and prepare them for the future. From junior employees to your managing director, TechBrain will empower every member of your staff. We offer both once-off and ongoing employee education to keep you, your clients, and your staff safe. From how to make the best use of cloud services and apps, to how to stay safe on social media and their mobile device, we’re here to assist. Consulting: IT for small business is all about getting the best possible return on investment. That means choosing the most cost-effective tools, apps and software to get the job done. Our consulting service focuses on exactly that. We’ll demonstrate how better device management can help grow your profit, and how you can manage your resources the smart way. We’re invested in making sure your business grows. What makes TechBrain different from other IT support companies for small businesses? Our fast response, competitive prices, superior customer service and tailored solutions set us apart. We’re truly passionate about supporting SMEs in Perth and across Australia, and we’re ready to prove it! Schedule your free consultation today.
Looking for IT solutions in Perth? If your business is looking for a trusted IT partner with nationwide capability, TechBrain is here to support you.

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Looking for IT solutions in Perth? If your business is looking for a trusted IT partner with nationwide capability, TechBrain is here to support you.