Giant iTab 42 Inch SmartPhone Interactive Display

The Giant iTab 42 inch is a super-sized SmartPhone/Tablet accessible with Android, IOS or Windows operating systems. The well-known interface enables clients to effectively connect with any content, be it applications, web content or presentations in much the same way they might when using their normal tablet or smartphone. Like normal smartphones and tablets, the Giant iTab 42 inch can work in both portrait and landscape orientation and boasts a 10 point multi-touch projected capacitive touch interface permitting the same control inputs found on a tablet or smartphone, including multi-touch controls, drag and tap. Operating with native of Android or Windows, the Giant iTab 42 inch, is a true standalone device. This is perhaps is greatest difference to alternatives as it does not need to depend on being connected to either a tablet or a smartphone.

Accordingly the Giant iTab 42 inch (And the 27 inch and 55 inch Giant iTabs likewise accessible from TechBrain) can make use of any free or paid applications accessible through the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store. The Giant iTab can likewise be arranged to run your IOS applications however these will need to be pre-loaded on to the device. The Giant iTab 42 inch is contained within a bespoke enclosed case which is intended to recreate the look of a smartphone and which incorporates a versatile floor stand offering both portrait and landscape applications to suit all clients regardless of height.



Giant iTab 42 Inch SmartPhone Interactive Display

External Dimensions (WxHxD):

Without Stand: 605x1640x110mm

Display Size:

42inch/1065mm Measured Diagonally


FullHD 1920x1080 pixel Native


Built-in Android, IOS or Windows Operation System with Wifi (Can be connected to 4G)

Mounting Options:

Floor Stand, Wall Bracket


2 x Integrated 10W Full Range


Integrated 10 Point MultiTouch Display, Custom SmartPhone Enclosure, Access to Google Play Store or Microsoft Store

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